Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I mentioned yesterday that I'm trying to catch up with as many people as possible before I move. Fortunately, pretty much everyone has already said they're going to come and visit me, but still- it's nice to catch up before I go. 

Last night, I caught up with three uni friends who happen to have moved to my local area. It has been so nice having them around recently, and being able to catch up over dinner is always my favourite. So last night, J, A, J (why must all of these people have names beginning with the same letter?) and I headed to Lorenzo's in Plymouth for enormous tapas and a catch up.

We (or mostly J, who ordered the mountain of food on the left of the picture) may have had eyes ever so slightly bigger than our bellies, but we somehow managed to demolish most of it. Because with a supper of nachos like these, who can blame me?! (I just like the fact that I'm basically eating crisps for dinner. It entertains the child in me)

We spent the evening catching up about our weekends and the festive season, got into a debate about men's barbers, and why apparently they shouldn't a) offer you a drink or b) talk to you. Who knew?! There was definite inappropriate giggling from me when J made some sort of inadvertent innuendo, and I felt slightly sorry for the people on the table next to us but still- we had a great evening, and I'm going to miss these guys terribly. And I think they might miss me too- though predominantly because I tend to give them cake on a reasonably regular basis.


  1. I love nights with friends like this - plus you can never go wrong with a good meal. Nachos sounds like a perfectly good dinner to me! :P x x


  2. I've missed a lot of what is going on with you by not blogging. Moving?!

    The tapas looks and sounds delicious. I've had many a discussion about hairdressers and the talking thing, many mend don't like it at all. I don't mind at all.

  3. Catching up with friends and good food is heaven!I definitely need to try out Lorenzo's :) Where are you moving to?

  4. I've never been to Lorenzo's before but your pictures really make me want to go!x

  5. Looks like a lovely evening. And what a treat for a Monday as well! x

  6. Those nachos look amazing! It looks and sounds like a fantastic night with friends xx


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