Friday, 24 January 2014

Someday, I'll Be Living In A Big Ol' City

And if you know the rest of that line, you're my new favourite person.

As a result of moving to a city that probably doesn't classify as being "big", though is pretty "old", I have been a terrible, terrible blog reader recently, and for that I can only apologise. To be honest- it probably isn't going to improve masses over the next few weeks either, as I have something on every weekend between now and the middle of March, and I already have weekends booked out in May and July. 2014, you may be brilliant so far but I have a feeling you're going to be exhausting.

However, I have been trying to read posts from you lovely lot as often as I can- I can't always comment, as usually it's on my phone on my lunchbreak, or while I'm eating breakfast, or walking to work (this resulted in me nearly falling down the steps of the railway bridge I cross on my commute. Smooth), but I'm there reading, chuckling, sympathising, or feeling hungry, depending on what you've been jabbering about.

So to sort of make up for missing out on what are probably some real gems of posts, here are a few of the gems I have spotted- hopefully, you'll think so too.

Too much ginger beauty for one picture. From here, all rights belong to these girls!
The Good Ginger- Red Hot Men - this brilliant tumblr-blog is written by a brilliant childhood friend (the girl in the picture above) and her sister, both of whom have the most incredibly red hair. I thought this post was particularly great, because it's true- there kind of is a double standard about red hair. Though I suppose that does depend on who you ask- a friend of mine's three top traits in a man are ginger, glasses, beard....

From Diary of a Diva
Diary of a Diva- The City Through My iPhone- I'm so happy that Becca is blogging again! She's one hilarious lady, so if you don't already follow her, go check her out now. I love these pictures too- one of my favourite things about London is the juxtaposition of the shiny new and the really old. Amazing!

From The Tea Drinking English Rose
The Tea Drinking English Rose- Mother's Christmas Hamper- OK, as much as I adore Mama CupandSaucer, I quite want to steal Mama TTDER just so I can have one of these hampers. I just generally love Charlotte's blog, to be honest- her pictures and writing are dreamy, and I think I might be getting to meet her in a few weeks which, if true, will be very exciting indeed.

From Thoroughly English
Thoroughly English- Sausage Rolls- I am a big fan of Bess' new Winter Warmers series. She is a genius in the kitchen and I am excited to see her in two weeks and for her to feed me all sorts of yummy things. In the meantime, I am very tempted to give these a go myself- because come on, who doesn't love a good sausage roll!?

From Love Food Eat
Love Food Eat- Coffee & Roasted Almond Chocolate Bark- do I really need to say any more!? This sounds unbelievably good. I am a massive chocolate fiend, and while I still haven't had any coffee this year, I think I could make an exception for eating it. Either in this, or in a coffee cake...

Image belongs to Sarah Tucker
Meg Fee- Paris Explained- I unashamedly, unreservedly adore Meg's blog. She is amazing, and this post breaks my heart a little bit but also is unbearably brilliant. She deserves far more than a man who doesn't tell her how beautiful she surely looked, and who, well... read the post and find out what he did.

Happy Friday lovely people! Hope you have a cracking weekend. Mine starts tonight with a  1920s themed birthday party- god help us all...


  1. I loved this post, lots of new bits to read and blogs to discover - thankyou! I am exactly the same as you in that I read blogs on my phone or iPad and I feel terrible about not leaving more comments. I hope people know that I do read and enjoy all of the blogs I follow. This is a perfect way to show and share some of the love :)

  2. Oh man, thanks lady!! I can't wait to check out the other ladies.

  3. A really interesting post - I'm going straight over to Diary of a Diva now. x

  4. Thank you bro! This means a lot to me as I'm forever bloody losing the will to blog. I hope that you are settling in well and I'll be on the look out for all your posts to leave geeky/bit creepy comments on...x

  5. And all you're ever gonna be is mean :) xxx


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