Thursday, 2 January 2014

High Water

I'm the sort of person who takes her iPhone running with her. 

Before you get too judge-y though, it's because a) I run in a reasonably remote area, and I don't like the idea of having to drag myself anywhere if I fell and broke my leg (happened to a lecturer of mine) and b) I use it as an iPod. Consequently, I always have a camera with me when I run, which is nice when you run in pretty places.

When I ran around the Burrator Reservoir this morning, however, I was amazed by how high the water level was. I mean, I'm aware we've had an awful lot of rain recently (though fortunately, there has been no flooding in my immediate area- but this happened nearby...!), but seeing the reservoir fuller than its been in about a year was really something.

As a direct comparison- below is the reservoir today: 

And here is a picture taken in almost the exact same spot, in the middle of August:

(Oh, I miss the blue sky. As I was hunting for a picture of the reservoir looking suitably low, I came across one of me looking very brown in the middle of last summer. Here's hoping we get another good summer in 2014!)

I love it when the reservoir is high though- the water rushing through the dam just looks amazing, and it's always great to see the surprise on people's faces when they peer over the edge of the wall and see the water level.

And in other run-related news, I got chased by a goose as I cut across the top of the reservoir. Trust me- this is not something you want to happen, when they hiss and honk and run at you, geese are bloody scary creatures.


  1. Beautiful photographs. I cannot say I like geese either! ha x

  2. the place is beautiful. and the water level difference is significant. goose is pretty scary when they're in attacking mode. i agree.

  3. This is crazy! I hope the floods are ok and not too destructive. Also I'm so jealous of your scenery while jogging - no wonder I have no motivation to jog in the city!


  4. These are lovely photos :) geese are terrifying. I got chased by a herd (yes, a herd) of geese once. Duke of Edinburgh is a dangerous thing. I also got chased my a herd of cows and a random llama in the same day...

  5. What a lovely place to go running in. I live in the city centre so only really have pavements and roads to run on. Although to be honest I haven't actually done much running recently - I'm a fair weather runner. But if I had views like those I'd maybe be more tempted.

    Happy New Year!

    Victoria, x

  6. My word - swans are scary enough creatures and i've turn horrid tales about geese (there's a tonne of Canadian geese that use our local supermarket grassy bank in the summer as their homes - there's like 60 of them, en mass. It's horrid). What a stunning backdrop for a run through!

  7. I have a bad childhood memory of geese. Mean things. Why are there so many hazards to running? Mainly bird themed. I got attacked by a Seagull while running once. It dived at me and tried to drive bomb me with poo. It was like the Birds all over again. Not good. Also Scottish seagulls, especially North East seagulls are roughly the size of a medium sized dog- they also steal food out your hands and hot dorritos from shops. Anyway, enough about me. Pretty pictures, oh to have such a pretty location to run in. Happy New Year!!

    Emma x

  8. Ahh I love burrator, I don't go there enough when I'm home! Next runch I plan on taking my phone so I can share my amazing view from the top of a nasty, nasty, hill!

  9. What a lovely place to go for a run. Residential London isn't quite the same - more likely to get chased by big dogs than geese! I'm wanted to start running again this year. I miss the freedom it offers.


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