Monday, 27 January 2014

Happiness Is.... (vol. 52)

I think I might have messed my numbering up somewhere along the line- because I haven't quite been blogging for a year yet, so to be at week 52 is confusing me somewhat. But hey- I'll go with it.

I'm writing this sat at the kitchen table (I spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen) while an apple cake bakes. As soon as that's done, I'll be moving on to chocolate chip shortbread- and before you ask, of course I'll be sharing the recipes (if they taste good. I'll keep you posted though). The sun has come out a little, which is a real improvement on the torrential rain we had this morning, and I'm feeling tired (two nights of drinking in a row is a little too much for this 24-year-old) but peaceful, and comfortable in my own skin. This is likely due to the fact that I'm wearing my favourite, most comfortable jeans, and my favourite striped jumper. 

Things feel easy at the moment. OK, there are things which aren't easy- people I'm missing, stressful situations, the massive adjustment to being a responsible adult again- but I feel like I'm taking it in my stride. And I'm sorry about all the gushing about this- I'm sure some of you are sitting at home rolling your eyes at this and thinking "whatever, she's just showing us the good bits", and maybe I am. But I'm allowed.

Anyways. This week, happiness is...

From here
... solo kitchen dance parties. Yesterday, while I was baking, I put Happy on at full blast, and danced it out. Seriously- I was busting some great moves, and had I videoed it I probably would have been the next YouTube sensation. Sadly, the world will never see, but next time you're over, come dance in the kitchen with me and you can see for yourself.

... being able to walk everywhere. Back in Devon, I was utterly, utterly reliant on my car. Here, I forget where I've parked my car as I drive it only once or twice a week. It's brilliant.

Lovely housemate and me- pre-kitchen floor picnic...
... 2:30am kitchen floor picnics. We had a 1920s themed party on Friday night, and once everyone who wasn't staying had headed home to their beds, those of us who remained sent our designated driver off in search of cheesy chips. We all set up camp on the kitchen floor, in a combination of party dresses, suits, and PJs, and tucked in, giggling over the antics of some of the party goers. Being 24 is fun.

... the traffic lights changing just as you get to them. On my walk to work, I have to traverse a junction affectionately known in the area as Death Junction- and a name like that means you do not just run across the road. So it makes my morning when I get to the junction just as the lights change and the green man appears to tell me it's (theoretically) safe to continue on.

... drinking games. OK, so maybe not my most mature "happy thing" ever, but come on- there are few things more hilarious than games of Fuzzy Duck, 21, Arrogance, and Drink While You Think in the pub with new friends. Even when you're the one who keeps messing up the hand slap game...

What's making you happy this week?


  1. Alice, sometimes you say things and i wonder why on earth i have never met you.. Dance it out! Greys anatomy eat your heart out! That's happiness for me too.

  2. Hehehe drinking games yes! I'm always dancing too :') This week has been staying up until 8am most nights either partying hard or staying up talking with friends. I've appreciated my friends more than ever this week! :) unforch all the partying has made me ill! :(

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  4. Alice, your happy list made me SO happy this morning!! Kitchen floor picnics sound bloody brilliant and the girl in picture 1? I only wish I looked like her when I'm dancing madly round the kitchen by myself!! Glad you're so happy at the moment :) Xx

  5. Oh my goodness it sounds like you had a fantastic week - my sister and I always have a kitchen dance when we wash up at home-home! I'm going to try a kitchen floor party next time we have people round! x

  6. Dancing round the kitchen is the best thing ever. I love it! x

  7. I always dance when baking or cooking. Recently I've taken to moshing a bit though... We've been listening to a lot of Kerrang on our new DAB radio!

  8. Home made brownies, vintage cookbooks, warming up under a blanket after being outside and kitty snuggles are making me happy this week!

  9. I love this happy list. But mainly I love your one woman dance parties. The Song Happy is great and really makes me want to dance. And yes I might do this every morning. and yes I might look ridiculous but I'm loving it. Have you seen the 24 hour video they did for that song. Worth a look.
    Kate xx


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