Monday, 13 January 2014

Happiness Is... (vol. 50)

So I'm here! I'm back in Cardiff, settled in nicely in my darling friends' spare room, and have spent the weekend catching up with as many people as possible. I also managed to scout out my new route to work, and proving it stays dry and I don't snap my ankle on an uneven curb (it nearly happened at least three times on Sunday), everything should be going to plan as you're reading this. Happy days!

In the end, I was more nervous about the move than I thought I would be. I cried leaving home, got myself all worked up on Saturday morning (and was nearly talked in to waiting an extra day), and was looked after by my big sister for a good few hours on my way through. As it was though, I've felt so welcomed and really settled very quickly, and as I'm writing this on Sunday evening, I'm feeling like this was definitely a sensible move. Hopefully, by Monday evening I'll still be feeling the same way...!

So yeah. Currently thinking that this move was a great way to start the new year, and I'm hoping being a bit brave will really pay off. And this week, happiness is...

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... new, fresh starts. Aren't you shocked I've started with this one? I know, so predictable, but there really is something so great about a new start, where no one knows you, or has preconceptions about you, and you get to start all over again and (hopefully) prove your awesomeness.

... new slippers. I was given a pair of these Joules slippers for Christmas and have saved them for the move. They are so cosy, my feet feel like they're being given a little cuddle every time I slip them on.

I'm aware this is a double bed. From here
... double duvets on single beds. In my friends' little spare room, there is only space for a little single bed. Knowing this full well, I still decided that it would be a stonking idea to bring a double duvet- and my goodness, it's one of the best ideas I've had in ages. It is SO cosy, and means if I ever have to share this bed, there won't be such a risk of me stealing all the covers.

... catching up with people unexpectedly. I've managed to see two J's this weekend, and when I wasn't expecting to see either just yet, it's made me exceptionally happy that I've managed to squish them in, even if one was rather hungover and the other spent far too much time teasing me.

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... the Despicable Me films. How have I got this far without seeing either of the films in this franchise? On Saturday night, we settled down with wine and brownies and watched both the first and second films on the trot, and they have quickly made their way onto my life of favourite animated films. And Happy sounds even better when you've seen it in the film!

What's making you happy this week?


  1. That's great! I hope everything will be fine at the new job. Are you looking for your own place or sharing a house?

  2. Ha my gran always did that with duvet covers! Loving that bed tho, I may need to get knitting some throws... :)

  3. I have a double duvet on my single bed at home, it is such a genius idea! x

  4. Great reasons to be happy. It sounds very cosy and I love the slippers! x

  5. I'm so sorry that the move was a bit emotional or you, I hope you feel much happier and settled in soon :) x

  6. Wooo so glad your first day went well beautiful xxx

  7. Hope all's going well in the new job hun!

    Kingsize duvets on double beds are great too - I've been doing it for years!

    As for the Despicable Me films - how had you not seen them?? They are amazing and can't wait for the Minions film that hopefully will be out sometime this year!

    Wishing you all the best as always! xxx

  8. 1. If you have to share a single bed aye? ;)
    2. You don't need to prove your awesomeness, it will shine right through
    3. You've been incredibly brave and new starts are fabulous for the soul... I'm so happy for you right now

  9. Good luck with the new job - you'll be fab I'm sure!
    And I agree with everyone else - there's definitely an unwritten rule that you have to go one size bigger on the duvet :-) We have a double bed with a king size duvet but the other half still manages to steal most of the covers! :-) x


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