Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Your Wedding Cake I Will Eat

Before you ask, no I am not getting married. I'm currently very single (what does that even mean? Very single? All I mean is "I am single". No idea why I felt the need to add a "very"), and probably as far from getting married as a person could possibly be, and perfectly happy with that fact. And now we've got that out of the way, I feel this post needs a soundtrack- which Wedding Cake by Cataldo can provide perfectly, given that it gave the title of this post.

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On Monday, a former colleague popped into the office to say hi as she was shopping in town. I was stood talking to a group of colleagues including her for a full two minutes before I realised that S doesn't actually work with us any more, where I promptly squealed "S WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" and threw myself at her. What can I say, it was 8:15 on a Monday morning!

After we'd had a little catch up, I asked S how her wedding plans were going, as she had got engaged a couple of months before leaving. We chit chatted about venues, and dresses, and she showed me a few pictures of gowns she liked the look of, before she turned to me and said "Alice- I was wondering though. Would you be open to a commission? Would you be able to make our wedding cake?"

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Honestly, I've never been so pleased in my life. After ironing out a few details (a midweek wedding and me moving in a few weeks nearly broke the deal), I said a very firm and very delighted yes. I am honestly so flattered to have been asked to sort something so important for someone- I know if/when I get married, I'll be as excited about the cake as the dress. And even more so, this is my first real commission, which is huge. And terrifying.

So far, we haven't really settled on a brief- S has just said "something quite simple", and would like a traditional fruit cake. So I've started a board on Pinterest to store up some ideas to send to her, and I'm looking back at my post on Cake International as well as Bess' and Jenny's, for more inspiration.

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I am honestly so excited about this, I could pop- and only partly because this may just give me an excuse to buy something like this.

Do you have any ideas for a beautiful, simple wedding cake?


  1. That is SO exciting Alice! Congratulations!! What fun your family and friends will have being the cake testers over the coming months!! The cake I made for my best friends wedding was the ultimate when it comes to looking simple (it was white chocolate mud cake on the bottom and hummingbird cake on the top though, so the flavour made it pop). I guess it depends so much on the type of icing the Bride wants - buttercream or royal icing will really determine how you decorate it! How fun!!!!!xx

  2. Wow what an honour! That is very exciting. Looking forward to seeing updates !

    Gemma c

  3. That's so very exciting for you! I reckon her cake is in uber safe hands :o)
    Ready, set, baaaaaake (not yet though).
    M x

  4. That is so, so exciting! I'm so happy for you :)

    I actually really like the last photo that you posted. That is definitely the type of cake I want to see at my wedding, when and if that ever happens ;) I was born into a catering company so I've seen the most extravagant and more "simpler" cakes over my time and I have to admit, the simpler cakes are the ones I loved the most. The effortlessly beautiful ones. DSFKJhd. I could ramble about cake forever but I'm going to stop now ;)

  5. I made my brother's wedding cake but I have stopped short of doing wedding cakes as a rule....the idea just scares me too much! So much responsibility! Maybe when I have a couple more years of decorating under my belt I will.

    You will be fab, congratulations!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  6. Wow, how exciting Alice! I have no doubt the cake will be absolutely beautiful and can't wait to see how it turns out, congratulations xx

  7. That's amazing! Congratulations, Alice. xx

  8. A this is amazing! You little star, I know it will be incredible. I would like to get married just so you can make me a cake xx

  9. Oh, how lovely!! I'm quite fond of cakes with simple blossoms covering the top tier and then cascading down the sides of the cake. A bit like the confetti cake you've got in your post. You can make the blossoms ages in advance, which helps with the workload.


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