Saturday, 7 December 2013


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I'm having a wobble at the moment.

As I mentioned before, I've got an incredibly exciting start to the new year- namely moving to a city I love, and beginning a new, exciting-sounding job. I am so so excited to be moving to a brilliant place where I already have friends, start a new adventure, and to really feel like an adult again.

But at the same time, I'm wobbling about it.

At the moment, I am feeling so settled where I am. I'm comfortable in my job, like my little routine, am playing with a great sport with a team I absolutely adore (if you're reading this I, excuse my mushiness, but it's true), and everything is just pottering along very nicely. Since I handed in my notice at work, I have had so many compliments and senior people who are known to be cantankerous, or who aren't normally particularly forthcoming with praise, have sought me out to say how sad they are that I'm going. A director asked to attend my leaving do (which is actually just the office Christmas party), another member of staff came to tell me that "We always lose entirely the wrong people" (which was an enormous compliment for him). I feel incredibly lucky and flattered by the way I seem to be perceived in the office. Mostly though, I think they're going to miss the cake...

I know, however, that a comfortable life isn't always the smartest move. We're supposed to push our boundaries, get outside of our comfort zones, try new things while we're young. And I'm the first to criticize those who go through their lives only doing the things they are used to doing, living in the place they've always lived- it makes for a very dull life.

But that doesn't stop me wanting to say in a very small voice- I'm scared. Excited, but scared. Tell me I'm doing the right thing?


  1. It's normal to be scared when you make such changes. If you weren't scared you probably haven't thought it through fully. If you're excited about it even if you're nervous then it's the right thing to do. In the end of the day if things aren't as great as you thought you can always change it when you know more.

    Best of luck, it sounds like you'll be having a great time once you've settled in to your new life! x

  2. I think with things such as this everybody is bound to be going through the emotiins you are, it's normal.
    I am sure you'll be loving it and so glad you made the decision once you've settled in your new city and job, enjoy and good luck!

  3. It is a testament to your character that your co-workers are reaching out to praise you, but so long as you take your character with you you'll be all set! Change is always so unsettling but it is in times of change that we grow the most xx

  4. How sweet to get such lovely compliments but I always think you have to keep going onwards and will be fab Alice x

  5. You're doing the right thing! You're going to have such a great time being with all your friends in a fun exciting city! Enjoy it.

  6. I was in your position this time last year, we moved 150 miles away from family and friends for a fresh start and I can honestly say that I've never looked back. It's natural to be scared as it's a massive change, but it sounds like you've got the best kind of adventure up ahead :)

    Enjoy it!
    Ann xx
    Prattle and Froth

  7. Of course you're scared. Who isn't scared of the unknown? You'd not be human if you weren't!! When I left my old job at Precept I was TERRIFIED! And when I started at my new one, everything felt really unfamiliar and strange.. but eventually I settled in, got to know the people and made some great friends. You said it yourself, a comfortable life is not the kind of one you want to lead.. I know I certainly don't! I'm sure this will be a fantastic decision.. I only have one question: which city are you moving to??!

    Hannah xx

  8. Alice i can understand what you are saying so much! I'm starting a new job soon. Giving up so much stability and moving somewhere nobody knows me to pursue my dream. I'm bloody terrified, but you know what, Staying somewhere because it's a little scary to move would terrify me even more! Life has a habit of doing that but just remember the reasons you went for this other job in the first place. There most likely still reasons they just feel better now because you know there is an end to them. I think you're doing the right thing for you and it's okay to be a little scared. :)


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