Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Winter Jumpers and Weather

Happy Christmas Eve lovely people! I hope you're all managing to stay warm, dry, and haven't been blown away. The storm seems to have passed my little corner of South West England now (though apparently there's horrendous disruption on the trains still), but I know it's still causing chaos everywhere else. If you're trying to get a train somewhere today, I salute you- and I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that you manage to get to wherever you're going.

Back in September, Mama CupandSaucer were perusing the knitting patterns in a little shop in Tavistock, when I came across a beauty of a Christmas jumper pattern. It was exactly what I was after- not so subtle you couldn't tell it was a Christmas jumper, nor so obnoxiously festive you can only wear it for a day or two either side of the Big C. After only a little bit of pleading from me, Mama CupandSaucer agreed that she would give it a go. And what a bloody fantastic job she has done...

Yes, she made this. Yes, by hand. Isn't she brilliant!?
Originally, we had hoped the jumper would be finished by my work "Fakemas" at the end of November, but sadly this was not to be. So when it came to my final week in the office last week, Mama was knitting furiously to make sure I could wear it to work- she knew that I'd told my (now former) colleagues how cool the jumper was, and that I was desperate to wear it to work. Yes, I'm aware I'm a brat, no, I did not ask her to stay up til 1:30am finishing it. She did that because she's the reason for my perfectionist genes.

I've basically lived in the jumper since. It's so cosy, and managed to keep a smile on my face when I ended up staying later than everyone else in the office on my penultimate day. And I'm wearing it today in the hope it will encourage the weather to change from rain to snow- we can still hope for a white Christmas, right!?

So thank you Mama CupandSaucer- and because this is a winter jumper, not a Christmas jumper, I think I can completely get away with wearing this until March.


  1. Bea-utiful! I also gave mama TE a Christmas jumper pattern book for an extra present. Next year we can match! xx

  2. Fab jumper! It's always so nice when someone you love knits you up something :) I have two mega cosy cardigans my nana has knitted me over the years and I live in them! Happy Christmas beautiful!
    Amber xo

  3. What a fabulous jumper! Your mum rocks!

  4. Ahh that's amazing, I wish I knew someone who could knit. Isn't your Mum a superstar!


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