Friday, 13 December 2013

Tree Festivities

Mama CupandSaucer finally got around to putting our tree up this week.

Part of me really likes the fact that it has taken us as long as this though- it really feels incredibly festive now, with family members confirming their Christmas plans, faraway friends beginning to return, and plans being made for New Years Eve (though that doesn't apply to me. New Years is the most overrated night in the world in my humble opinion).

Also, I've finally bought Christmas presents for people, so I will actually have something to put under the tree in when I get around to wrapping the little delights.

So we made mugs of tea (Mama CupandSaucer and I aren't really big drinkers), put Michael Buble's Christmas album on the hi-fi, turned the lights down low, and got decorating. Challenge number one was getting all of the decorations down from the loft- being that neither of us is taller than 5'4", and the boxes of decorations are fairly hefty, it was an adventure to say the least. But soon they were all at floor level, without any broken bones or baubles, and we were all set.

Mama has picked a blinder of a tree out while I was off gallivanting with my small sister last weekend, and we'd put the tree into its holder the day before to allow the branches to drop to a sensible level. One of my favourite parts of putting the decorations up is adjusting the tree in its pot- me lying flat on the floor trying to re-screw the thingames into the tree trunk, Mama telling me repeatedly that "No, it still won't stay up on its own", and finally resorting to adding small pieces of kindling to the pot, before giving the tree a final shove to make sure it stays upright. It almost always does...

How many bloggers can you find in the baubles? There's a puzzle for you...
My mother is also incredibly organised when it comes to our tree decorations- the boxes above were from Lidl a couple of years ago, and are one of the best Christmas-related-purchases we've ever made. Perfectly protected baubles every year!

Mama also puts the lights away perfectly every year- no massive tangles to undo here! Unless a certain small blogger decides she wants a picture with them all....

I refuse to allow tinsel anywhere near our Christmas tree. It's horrible stuff, and whilst I was decorating, I had a phone call from my older brother who was flabbergasted that his girlfriend also hates tinsel. I think I'm going to like this girl.

Our tree is also predominantly red and gold, with the odd silvery decoration thrown in. Mama also bought homemade initial decorations for my brothers and I a few years ago- so of course I insisted on hanging them on the tree at various heights, depending on our ages.

And here she is! I think I actually added a few more baubles after this picture was taken, but I think I'd got bored of picture taking by that point. I know I'm biased, given that I decorated her, but I think she's absolutely marvellous. Apologies for chopping the angel off the top of this picture- I can assure you that she is also red and gold.

Am I the last person in the country to put her decorations up? Looking at my Bloglovin feed, it certainly seems that way!


  1. Best Christmas tree post I've read yet. I feel like I was there!

  2. You're not last - not allowed to put ours up till Christmas Even at home! x

  3. aah this is so cute! We've not put our tree up.. probably going to be next weekend! Your decorations look so cute though! I LOVE this time of the year :)

    Hannah xx

  4. So cute! I haven't put ours up yet - my lovely boyfriend is waiting for me to come back from Spain so we can do it together :) xx

  5. Your tree is so cute! Red and gold themed trees are always the best ones in my opinion!
    x Hayley-Eszti

  6. You're definitely not, I've only just put mine up today!

    Gorgeous decorations, I love the photos you've taken of them.

    Hmm maybe...

  7. seriously impressed with your organisation! all of our baubles just get dumped in a box and then we pray for the best each year when we grab them down from the loft! x

  8. What a lovely tree and post. Makes me feel not quite so bad for not having any festive decorations in my flat!

  9. Love getting the decks down ready for another Christmas, always brings back such memories :)

  10. Your tree looks beautiful! :) I hate tinsel too - it looks horrible and touching it makes me want to die. I'm also entirely with you about NYE, but then I'm not a huge fan of going out on any night of the year... xx


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