Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Thoughts and Scenes and Favourites

To pre-warn you, this is a bit of a mishmash of a post. Continue at your own peril.

I take an awful lot of pictures on my phone. Some of them end up on Instagram, but as I flicked through my phone this morning, I realised that there's an awful lot of pictures which I don't do anything with- either because I decide they aren't instagram worthy, I forget about them, or they were entertaining in the moment, but ended up looking a bit weird in a picture. But still- I found a few from December which I thought I'd share in more of a general here's-a-load-of-things-I-liked-in-2013 sort of post. (There's also a 2013 review post over here)

Row 1: Alstroemeria are my favourites, it was bloody windy at the top of Cox Tor, my friend J made this gorgeous card, I'm making more of an effort to play the piano at the moment
Row 2: I'm a sucker for pretty wrapping, "light" post-Christmas lunches are the best, blue skies on Boxing Day, physics is a brilliant and confusing thing- why can't I see my reflection?
Row 3: Wrapping with ribbon and a cat never ends well, Emma and I went for coffee, my brother's Christmas tree was perfect, all the ribbons in the world will never be enough
Row 4: If you look carefully, my reindeer biscuit is an upside-down gingerbread man, I was given a Christmas tree charm as a leaving gift from work- we all think it also looks like a Dalek, Waitrose need to work on their punctuation, Devon, you will be missed.

As I've mentioned before, I liked 2013. It's certainly had its moments, but overall, it has been a very good year. And in honour of this, I present to you, Alice's Favourite Things of 2013, because obviously you're all dying to know.

Best Book- It's always insanely hard to pick just one, but to be honest, the one which has had more of an impact on 2013 than the others I've read is, bizarrely, Game of Thrones. I've spent so much of this year reading these books- to the point I had to take a break from all the murder/ pillage and read something lighter- and I got it as a result of Jenny's Book Swap, which also resulted in me making a firm friend in Jenny herself. See, reading leads to all sorts of brilliant things!
Best Album- I can't pick just one- mostly because I've only bought two full albums this year (don't hate me), so I'm picking both Passenger's All The Little Lights and Bastille's Bad Blood. Both of them remind me of Thailand- Passenger, because M and I put the album on as background noise to scare off the cockroaches in our room in Pai, and Bastille, because I listened to it on the plane home. Both albums are great- go and listen to them now.

Best Film- I absolutely loved Rush, and Catching Fire, but the film which has stuck with me more than any other since I first saw it is Like Crazy. Maybe not one to watch if you're in a transcontinental relationship, but for everyone else- it's brilliant. 

Best product- My skin has been saved this year by Origins' Mega Mushroom Cleanser. Seriously- if you have sensitive skin and/ or rosacea, I cannot recommend this highly enough. The face cream from the fame range is also bloody brilliant.

Most Popular Post- I can't really explain how I feel about the fact that this post is the most read post on my blog. Seriously- I'm not sure if happy, or humbled, or whatever is the right word for it, but I like that I only had positive feedback from that post. Thanks, everyone. And I am in a really really good place right now, and I can only see that continuing. Onwards and upwards!

Favourite Bloggers- These girls have made my year, basically, even if the PE club has only existed for a couple of months. EmmaBessJennyEmily, and Ellie, you are all flipping fantastic and I cannot wait to spend more time with you all in 2014.

Happy New Year everyone- have a brilliant (and safe!) last night of 2013. I'll see you on the other side!


  1. Happy New Year beautiful A, hope you have an awesome night tonight and keep smiling. xx

  2. Aw book and friends, what a lovely combination! I hope i can make some new friendships in year :-) I must try that Origins product, I just must! haha. Happy New year to you x


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