Sunday, 22 December 2013

Not-Quite-So-Secret Santa

Over the past couple of months, the beauties that are BessEmilyEllieJenny, and Emma have kept me entertained, sane, and have turned into brilliant friends I speak to on a literally daily basis. So when the idea of a Secret Santa was bandied about a few weeks ago, I was super keen. After all, it's always fun to buy for people you know well, right?! 

A little bit of co-ordination later (including the use of a secret online elf), an email containing everyone's addresses, and a few rules (budget/ final posting dates and so on), we were away!! And all too soon, a parcel I wasn't entirely expecting dropped through my letter box, and I realised it had to be my PE Secret Santa gift...

As soon as I opened the parcel, I knew my Santa had been the brilliant Jenny- after she posted on This I Know: Notes On Unraveling The Heart, I've been meaning to read it- but it is absolutely something I never would have picked up for myself, so I'm so pleased to have been sent this as a gift!! And when we met back in November, she was recommending it- so I'm so excited to give this a read (and if you're keen too, you can buy it here).

I won't reveal who I bought for- it was pretty obvious between us though, as I was so useless with getting around to posting my gift- as you might have gathered from my haphazard posting, life has been a little bit (read: very) busy recently. But I'm pretty certain it got there, and fingers crossed she likes it!!

If you want to have a go at guessing who bought for who- check out BessEmilyEllieJenny and Emma's posts- looks like we have all been very, very lucky girls!

Have you been involved in any Secret Santas this year?

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  1. Oooo books seemed to be the theme, didn't they?! What a sweet present from Jenny, let me know how you find it. I know who bought who now I thiiink. Wait, who did Bess buy for?! Emma? Yep, got it. This was so fun! Love you xxxxx


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