Monday, 30 December 2013

Happiness Is... (vol. 48)

And here we are! The last Happiness Is... of 2013 (and you can see the first one here, if you want). As I mentioned at the end of last week, 2013 has been a really very good year- and given that 2014 is starting with a big change, I'm hoping it's going to be a good one too.

I still feel slightly bemused by the fact that we're still in between Christmas and New Year- I am completely lost with what day it is, and time seems to have slowed to a snail's pace- maybe it's because I'm excited for all sorts of things happening over the next couple of weeks, and I still have like two weeks before my new job starts. I need to find ways to fill my time that don't just involve packing!

It's been a lovely festive period though- the perfect mix of busy and relaxed, family-filled and quiet-time. I've watched more films in a week than I have done all year (a particular high point was watching three in one day- namely The Holiday, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Toy Story), have had many lovely natters with family members. I'm just generally in a really happy place- I spend many days feeling like I'm fizzing, which can only be a good thing. And this week, happiness is...

... getting at more than eight hours of sleep every night. By the time I finished work for Christmas, I was completely running on empty- I am the sort of person who needs a lot of sleep, and had not done well with this over the past few weeks. But recently, I've been going to bed when it feels right, and waking up when I'm ready, and I feel phenomenal for it.

... Jenny, Bess, Ellie, Emily, and Emma, who kept me sane over Christmas. Seriously- these girls are absolutely fantastic, and it was an absolute joy to meet Emma this week for tea and far too much gossip about boys- particularly considering my dad's colleague was at the next table (sorry M, there was no way of warning you about that!)

Apologies for the dreadful iPhone snap...!
... baking with Little L. I bought Little L a load of baking things for Christmas- a special mixing bowl, child-sized spatulas, and a biscuit making kit, and promised when she opened them that I would come over and help her make them. Yesterday, I surprised her by popping in, and together we made an awful lot of snowflake shaped biscuits. It's so lovely to do something just the two of us, and particularly sharing something I love doing with her- I'm hoping to properly give her the baking bug before she turns six.

... pointing out to my mum that the Daily Express lead with a weather related story almost every day. Seriously- it's absolutely ridiculous how often they lead with a story about a "killer storm" or "arctic blast", and it always makes us giggle. Yes, the weather is dreadful at the moment- but it's the magical thing called winter. Terrible flooding aside, it isn't vastly newsworthy.

... being near the sea. I know I posted about this yesterday, but being near the sea makes me so unbelievably happy. More so when it's warm and sunny, of course, but just being near a rough sea makes me feel small and powerless in the best possible way.

... getting back to eating ordinary food. OK, I love the Christmas leftovers- lunches of brie and crackers, olives, and hummus may be terribly middle class, but are delicious- but now we're getting back to a semblance of normal food, rather than festive feasts, I'm really very happy about it.

What are you happy about this week?


  1. I think these posts may be my favourite ever on any blog! And they're really putting a smile on my face at the moment, I'm finding things so hard and overwhelming and reading these posts makes me look at things to appreciate, and it's always lovely to see someone so happy as you are! Good luck with your new job! :) xxx

  2. I have never seen The Holiday but I really want to! Everyone always tells me how awesome it is. x

  3. Haha I had no idea your Dad's colleague was at the next table. Hope we didn't say anything too embarrassing!!! xxx


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