Monday, 23 December 2013

Happiness Is... (vol. 47)

Hey look, Pharrell Williams released a soundtrack for these posts (also known as Happy)! Isn't that kind of him?

I'm so excited by the fact that it's Christmas Eve Eve- how quickly has this crept up on us?! I'm less excited about the fact I have to run into town first thing this morning to finish my Christmas shopping though- I have been more disorganised this year than ever before, which I can only put down to being too busy over the past few weeks/ months. But hey- it has been bloody brilliant, and I wouldn't have changed it for anything (though whether I still think that when I get home from shopping will be an entirely different matter).

But anyway. All sorts of crazy ridiculousness leads to all sorts of things to be happy about- this week, I'm positively fizzing, and happiness is...

The blue sky didn't last long at all
... carol services. Mama CupandSaucer and I wrapped up warmly yesterday afternoon, and headed to one of our local churches for a candlelit carol service. Now I'm not particularly religious, but I firmly believe that everyone should have an understanding and appreciation of why we celebrate Christmas, and I think carol services are a great, low-pressure was of being reminded of what the season is all about. And hey- it's always fun to sing O Come, All Ye Faithful at the top of your lungs, right!?

... a brilliant send off from work, including an absolutely hilarious evening at the work Christmas party. Far, far too much wine was consumed, but I think I managed not to make a complete idiot of myself, so fingers crossed I've left a good lasting impression. I was sent on my merry way with a card full of seriously sweet messages, and some gorgeous gifts. They were all far too kind!

... being picked first at a sport (for what I think is the first time ever). At korfball on Tuesday (which also happened to be my last training session with the Exeter guys), two of the guys were allowed to pick teams- and one chose me first. I still can't quite figure out why he picked me first, but whatever the reason, it made my evening. Because how many people can say they've been picked first for a team by a guy wearing a Spiderman onesie? Very few, that's who.

Found here
... catching up. Recently, I seem to have spent a lot of time running into people I've known since I was tiny- I guess it's the season, with everyone returning to the motherland from the various places we've been scattered by university, work, and just general adult life. It's so nice to have a little chatter to people I've known for years, and just find out a little bit about what they're doing (even if you inevitably already know some of it from Facebook or local gossip).

... doing brilliantly at the pub quiz with my brothers and childhood friends. After a fairly long hiatus, and a one-week-only festive name change (we became The Hoe Hoe Hoes - the Es are fully intentional, and no, we weren't talking about gardening), we came second, losing by only a point and a half, and gaining a cash prize and a bottle of wine for our efforts. We'll take that!

... taking Little L ice skating. I know I try very very hard to not put pictures of people I actually know on here, but this picture was too sweet for me not to share. She had never ice skated before and did brilliantly, which made me exceptionally happy- no sobbing little sister for me to deal with!

What's made you happy this week?


  1. Great post, I always like reading them :) I didn't do too well with Christmas shopping this year! Hope yours goes better than mine! :) have a great Christmas xxx

  2. Love the pic of you and L - she looks as though she's absolutely loving it!
    Hope you have the wonderful Christmas you deserve. xxx

  3. That last picture is just the cutest!
    My friends and I nearly went to a carol service yesterday just to get in the Christmas spirit, we accidentally ended up ordering pizza for the same time as the service though so missed it... bad planning!
    Have a great Christmas Alice :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  4. What a lovely post! Also, what is korfball? ")

    Merry Christmas!
    Meghan xo

  5. I love your Happiness Is posts Alice - they always put a smile on my face! Glad you had a lovely send-off from work and that picture of you and your little sister is absolutely adorable. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas xx

  6. I would totally give ice skating another go if I could clutch a cute penguin for dear life! Gorgeous photo!


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