Monday, 16 December 2013

Happiness Is... (vol. 46)

Can you believe how quickly the year is coming to an end? I'm not entirely certain what happened to October and November- and I'm sure I said the same thing with April and May. It feels completely bizarre, though statistically speaking, it makes perfect sense that each year seems to go by more quickly than the last- in that for a four-year-old, a year is a quarter of their life- but for me, a year is 1/24th of my life. Still with me? Good.

I'm loathe to preempt the end of the year though- there are still many, many exciting things to come in the next 15 days. And this week, happiness is...

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... receiving post. I absolutely bloody love getting post, and with all the cards/ gifts/ deliveries going on at Christmas, I'm absolutely in my element. If anyone ever wants to send me something just to make my day a bit brighter, let me know!

... catching someone in another car singing along to the same song as you. Even more brilliant when it's catching another young-ish person singing along to Rocking Around The Christmas Tree (which was playing on Radio 2) at 8am on a Wednesday.

... getting the vast majority of my Christmas shopping bought and wrapped in a day. Sorry bank card, you really did take a battering. But hey- I've gone from feeling mildly panicked to rather smug in less that 24 hours. Boom.

... being praised at work. I think I mentioned before that I've got a new job, and this week will be my last in the office in my current role. Since I handed in my notice, a lot of senior people have approached me to say how good a job I've done and that I'll be missed. I feel really flattered, and like I'm really moving on on a high- which is the best way to go, I'm sure.

... tea and carrot cake with Papa CupandSaucer. I ran into my dad in town on Sunday, and he took me for tea and cake to bribe me into helping him buy a few Christmas presents. It was so nice to sit and have a little catch up just the two of us before going and spending all his money for him.

... putting on tights straight out of the tumble drier. I was madly disorganised this morning, so had to quickly tumble dry a pair of tights while I ate breakfast. Putting them on when they were all warm and toasty was such a brilliant way to start the morning!

What's making you happy this week? 


  1. I love getting post too :) since moving to Paris me and a good friend have started sending each other old fashioned long letters which is so nice to break up the intermittent texting and facebook chats! I love to surprise my friends with postcards from Paris - if you ever want one, let me know, haha!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx

  2. Totally agree... there is nothing better than getting real mail. :)

  3. I love sitting in queues of traffic and seeing people sing in their car. Mainly because I am singing alone as well. Only good part about being in traffic. On a cruder note, I love warm pants, so much glee from warm pants!

    Emma x

  4. Post is the best. I send letters back and forth with an old work friend, and it's so nice getting proper old-fashioned snail mail.


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