Tuesday, 10 December 2013

An Alternative Christmas Playlist

I know that it's maybe a little too early to be going completely Christmas crazy, but  today is my primary school best friend's birthday, and I always judged her birthday to be the real start of Christmas- because if you have a birthday in December, you don't want it to be overtaken by the other big day coming up, do you!?  So today seemed a perfectly appropriate time for this post.

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Also, personally I am a big fan of Christmas music. I think it's that thing of only having a few days a year that it's completely socially acceptable to play these songs- anything is more appealing when it's a bit exclusive, isn't it?

I love everything from carols to Slade, but I thought that as I sometimes get slightly bored of the dream that is Fairytale of New York (which apparently is factually incorrect- supposedly, there never has been an NYPD choir, but I could be wrong there), I'd share some of my other Christmass-y favourites. Some of this you probably have come across before, some you may not have- all, however, are brilliant and you should listen to them immediately.

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- Louis Armstrong- Cool Yule - I first heard this beauty of a song when watching the immensely festive Serendipity which, if you haven't already seen it, is definitely worth a watch at this time of year. New York moments at their finest.
- The Other Guys- Christmas Gets Worse Every Year - last year, Steph from Influence posted this song on her blog and I think it is brilliant. If you only listen to one of the songs on this playlist, make it this one- the lyrics are fantastic. It's also not as Scrooge-y as the title would suggest.
- Coldplay- Christmas Lights- OK, so Coldplay aren't for everyone, but I love this. Best recently-released Christmas song, in my opinion. 
- Sixpence None The Richer- It Came Upon The Midnight Clear- This is my favourite carol, and this version is my favourite, to the point I sing it all year round. Oops. I also just like the fact that the first time I heard it was on a Grey's Anatomy Christmas episode, which was entitled Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. As you do.

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- Coldplay- Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas- and another Colplay song because this is just so festive!
- Tristan Prettyman & Jason Mraz - All I Want For Christmas Is Us- This demonstrates the length of time I've loved JM- I save this after the "Lightning Lunch" they played on.. wait for it... 23rd September 2005! It makes me sad that this was never properly released. Come on- any song which contains the lyrics "You're the reason that I decorate my yard" is a winner in my book.
- Maybe This Christmas- Ron Sexsmith- I get most of my Christmas songs from TV/ films, it would seem. I think this was featured on The OC. Why did they get rid of The OC? It was brilliant. Let's all sing Seth's Chrismukkuh song, to the tune of A Lack Of Color: "Jesus and Moses, oh they both had beards..."
- Ingrid Michaelson- Winter Song- this is such a pretty song- and because it's a winter song, not a Christmas song, it's completely appropriate to play it in February. Win!
- Regina Spektor- December- This year made me so happy because I could genuinely sing "December starts on Sunday, next Sunday, will you be happier then?"- most years, I have to change the lyrics. I'm sure Regi Spek wouldn't mind.
- Bellowhead- Jinglebells- and finally, Bellowhead. I heard this on Radio 2 a few weeks ago and it was just so brilliantly bizarre I had to include it.

And there we have it! My super-cool festive playlist. Go on, give them a listen- they're really quite good. 

What are your favourite Christmas songs?


  1. You like Regina Spektor therefore you are an excellent human being.

  2. so many good choices here! <3


  3. I adore Christmas Lights by Coldplay; probably my favourite festive tune of recent years

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  4. I am most excited you included Regina, I am such a fan of hers. I love the alternative Christmas song choices, I love all Christmas music, but some are bypassed by the biggies. My personal guilty fave is Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses :D

  5. Ahh I love cool yule, I didn't know that's what it is called though! Serendipity is my favourite Winter film, I always watch it around my birthday <3


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