Wednesday, 4 December 2013

10 Brilliant Things About Being An Adult

We all complain about being adults. I certainly have. But I was thinking yesterday that often we are so caught up in the rubbish bit of being an adult- paying taxes, and rent, and seeing people insist on buying the Daily Mail, that we forget that sometimes, being a fully-fledged, card-carrying member of the adult human race is actually pretty damn awesome sometimes.

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(I will admit now that some of these are taken from the comments on this post)

1. You get questions right on University Challenge, and understand what they're talking about on the news. Though sometimes watching Newsround to get the simplified version of why there's an economic crisis is also totally acceptable.

2. You're allowed to drink as many caffeinated drinks as you want. As a child, coffee and even tea are rather large no-nos, apparently (I asked my sister once if we could give my little nephew some very milky, decaf tea. She looked mildly horrified). As an adult, they're legal stimulants we all use to get us through the days where 6:15am alarms are the norm. Anyone who gets up later than 7:30am on a weekday is winning in my book.

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3. Boys. You can go out with as many as you want, kiss whoever you want, flirt with whoever you want. And they can be in your house, in your bed, whenever you want. It's allowed, and no one can tell you otherwise. Unless, you know, you have a boyfriend, and then kissing as many boys as you want tends to be frowned upon.

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4. Wine. We get to drink all the wine, and actually enjoy it. Or gin and tonics on a plane. I felt so grown up ordering a G&T on the plane back from Thailand. It was 1:30pm Thai time, 7:30am UK time. Did we care? No, because we are grown ups.

5. You get to be in control. If you want to quit your job, eat ice cream for breakfast, or sleep in til 4pm, no one can stop you. They may judge you (particularly for that last one) but they can't stop you.

6. Seeing your parents as people rather than just parents. My mama in particular is a brilliant lady, and I'm glad that I get to be friends with her as an adult, as well as her being my mum. 

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7. You get to go on adventures. Whether that's running away to warmer climes, or spending Christmas in Australia watching cricket, or snowboarding down Mount Everest- kids don't get to do this. The biggest adventure they have is running away and hiding underneath the garden hedge.

8. You get to choose when you take time off. OK, you might not get as much time off as you did when you were at school (unless you're a teacher, but they do have a sizeable workload), but the fact that you can just take a random Monday and Tuesday off if you fancy it is pretty amazing.

9. Choosing who you have in your life. When you're an adult, there are no compunctions to be friends with people just because you go to school with them. You get to pick whether you keep in touch with people, and that's pretty awesome.

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10. You can change your mind. I know you can do this as a child too, but as an adult, you don't have to make any excuses- if you change your mind, you don't have to answer to anyone. You can quit your job and start a new career path, you can break up with people, you can follow your own heart, and not anyone else's plan for you. It's fantastic.

What are your favourite things about being an adult?


  1. Aw this is such a lovely post Alice and so true! I might actually bookmark it for when I'm having a "I hate real life" moment haha


  2. This is lovely. It's so nice to see a positive look at being a grown up...I started doing a series of posts around how old and decrepit I feel sometimes. Totally wish I'd looked at it like this instead!
    M x Life Outside London

  3. I love this. I think my favourite thing will always getting to live by myself, but then I'm an antisocial sod xxx

  4. AMAZING. Numbers 6 and 9 on the list are my favourite. So true xxxx

  5. I read point 3 and laughed a little and then a lot and then jumped straight to the comments because yes. Yes to all points. But that and 4 are ringing true right now. This is so insightful, love you missy xxx

  6. Oh true! Although number 3 doesn't work for me. Never had an opportunity to be a floozy, I feel I am missing out. I also still don't know answers to University challenge.

    Emma x

  7. My favourite thing about being a grown up is being able to eat what I want whenever I want and not caring if it's always the most healthy and balanced. Sometimes cereal for dinner is a-ok.


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