Saturday, 23 November 2013


Last weekend, I got up at 4:30am to catch the 6:25am Plymouth to Glasgow service in order to visit the lovely Bess in York. Seriously- I think that's what you call dedication. But regardless of the crazy early start, it was so worth it to see Bess again, and meet the gorgeous Ellie in person for the first time.

The girls met me off my train (Ellie had arrived a little while before me, and had been taken for a drink to help her recover from her antics the previous night), and we headed straight back to Bess' lovely little place to drop out bags off (we are both clinically incapable of travelling lightly) before heading out for an explore of York's pretty little streets and beautiful shops.

And from there unfurled one of the nicest weekends I've had in a long time. 

I like to think this sign is not naming a street, but describing us...
We grabbed a quite bite of lunch, where E and I both found ourselves subject to a stern talking to from Miss Thoroughly English, and which sparked hysterical laughter from which we couldn't quite recover all afternoon. I'm not entirely certain that I didn't stop breathing at one point.

Bess decided that we should go and visit the Shambles, which is apparently the most picturesque street in Britain, for a few photos. But for some reason I got the most uncontrollable giggles of my life, which set Ellie off, and resulted in many a picture which looked something like the below. Seriously, of the several hundred pictures Bess took, a good 80% of them involve us laughing.

 Fortunately, she also managed to capture a couple of us looking like sort-of normal people too, for which I am eternally grateful, because I bloody love the two pictures below.

As night fell, we wandered back to Bess' before changing, putting on lipstick, drinking a bottle of pink fizz, and heading back out for the biggest, most delicious Chinese meal I've had in a rather long time. Seriously- it was pretty damn amazing, and afterwards we were all in slight food comas- to the extent that all we could do was head home and snooze...

Bess had booked the most gorgeous place for brunch the next morning- seriously, if you're ever in York I sincerely recommendThe Star Inn The City. It's the cutest, most delicious place I've eaten at in an age, and with the two beautiful girls for company, could you expect anything other than brilliance?

Bess decided she wanted a few action shots of me pouring tea. Cue me pouring tea more slowly than I ever have in my life, and squealing "I'M RUNNING OUT OF CUP!" much to the confusion of our lovely waitress.

Once we'd had our fill of Eggs Benedict (me) and Full English Breakfasts (the others), we headed back out into the city to marvel at the beauty of the Minster, and for a little more shopping. I was coerced into buying this and this as Joules had 25% off- I wasn't complaining (much).

All too soon though, 4pm rolled around and Bess and I waved Ellie off on her train after lots of hugs and admonishments to behave herself, before heading to Starbucks to await the train that would (very slowly) whisk me back to the South West. 

Seriously though- I absolutely loved my weekend in York. Partly because of the city, but mostly because Ellie and Bess are two of the most brilliant people, and I cannot wait to see them again. So I'm sure I'll be braving the epic journey back to the frozen reaches of the north before too long...


  1. That just sounds like the most perfect weekend, you can't go far wrong with good company, good food, tea and pink fizz! You really look like you had so much fun, love the laughing photo! :) xo // Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  2. I wish I knew why we laughed so much... Love you!! xxxxxx

  3. It looks lovely there! And it is always nice to hang out with fellow bloggers and meet new people! :)

  4. I went to York when I was about 15 and loved it, I´d love to return now I am a bit older though and even more so after seeing some of these photos! so lovely :) hayley-eszti x

  5. Sounds like you had a really nice weekend in York, it's even prettier than normal when the Christmas lights go up. I haven't got to try The Star in the City but we live near The Star (out in the sticks) and it's lovely place too. x

  6. Lovely pictures. The first 3 make me think of Diagon Alley in Harry Potter haha (Yea I'm a geek)
    Lovely blog too. Glad I found it :)


  7. It does look like Diagon Alley haha!
    Abigail x

  8. York is one of my favourite places to go, looks like you had a good time!

    hmm maybe...

  9. Aw it looks like you had a lovely time. Can't wait for our getaway in February now!! I love York. Very jealous that Bess lives there.

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  10. It looks like you had the best time! I am so jealous, I really want to visit York one day!

  11. I LOVED York when I went for a couple of days, last year. I would definitely like to go again.
    I had a 5.18 train to catch this week, which really threw my sleeping pattern - I've only just recovered.


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