Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sundays In The Park

Or Roath Park, to be precise.

Growing up on Dartmoor, I never really had occasion to visit a park (other than play parks, obviously) until I started university in Cardiff- with seemingly endless countryside for miles around, who needs an enclosed chunk of green space?! But when I started at University, our halls were right next to the gorgeous Bute Park, and when being in a city got a little bit much, being able to go for a stroll/ run/ sunbathe there was absolute bliss. 

In second year, we all moved out into the big bad city and ended up closer to the beautiful Roath Park. And now, whenever I'm in the city, I like to go for a good meander around to soak up the atmosphere and breathe in the quiet.

Every now and then, those of us who have left Cardiff descend on the city to visit those who have remained or returned since graduating in 2012, and last weekend was one of those weekends. And after a night out on Friday, and a drunken supper party on Saturday (two bottles of Cava, five bottles of red wine, and then the sloe gin came out...), a stroll around the park to clear our minds and get some fresh air was sorely needed. 

My favourite thing about Roath Park is the beautiful big lake, and on Sunday, it was full of swans, coots, gulls, geese and model boats. We took a stroll the whole way around the perimeter of the lake, and I kept stopping to take pictures of the birds, trees, and the lovely company. But the little guy below was my personal favourite. I do hope he doesn't end up as someone's Christmas goose... 

As we made our way back into the city to warm up over coffee and carrot cake, we passed underneath the trees which miraculously are still holding on to some of their gorgeous foliage. And as we kicked our way through the leaves, I couldn't get over the size of some of them- to put the size of these into perspective, I have size 5 feet. They were enormous, and contrasted so prettily with the red acer leaves.

Most awkward picture in the world alert...

I'm so pleased that in the midst of the cold grey, there's this final fling of colour. And hey- I have daffodils on my kitchen table already, so maybe this winter won't be the long slog that last year's was?

Either way- if you find yourself in Cardiff, and fancy a little inner-city escape, I'd seriously recommend heading up to Roath Park. Then make your way back to Crwys Road and The Pot, or Wellfield Road for Coffee #1, or if you fancy more of a stroll, Waterloo Tea Gardens. Perfect Sunday afternoon fare.


  1. Wow this park is so beautiful! I love the clock in the middle of the lake and that tree is so beautiful <3 I'd love to visit one day xx

  2. It's strange seeing someone write about somewhere so close to me! I love Roath Park, in the summer it's gorgeous but will definitely try and pop over soon to soak up the autumn :)

  3. How pretty is that tree!? I love the standard shoe picture because the colours are so pretty and unusual. It's so nice that you all meet up- obviously History for you wasn't like History in Glasgow, we took down the bitches in our class with the most vicious debates I have ever witnessed. And I have seen Clueless. I hope you had a wonderful weekend with friendly debates not Glasgow student debates.

  4. Such pretty photos! I love the shot of your feet with all the coloured leaves. Seems like a lovely day was had :) xHayley-Eszti


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