Saturday, 16 November 2013

Reasons Flying Is Better Than The Train

As I write this, I am sitting on a train on my way to the frozen reaches of the north to visit Bess with Ellie. And while I'm really very excited about this, I am currently on hour two of a six hour train journey. I forgot to download a film, and while I have two episodes of Grey's Anatomy on my phone, it seems they won't work. So instead, you are getting my rambles as to why flying is better than train travel.

1. It's quicker. It just is. I've been on the train for two hours and I'm not even out of the South West. If I was on a plane, I could be in Spain by now.

2. You don't expect to be able to use your phone. So I got on the train this morning expecting to be able to use my phone, charge it (Cross Country have plugs by every pair of seats, bless them), and maybe watch something. But I appear to be sat next to the only plug on the train that doesn't work, and I'm scared to move in case I get booted out of someone else's seat to find someone has sat in mine. Never presume. It makes.. Oh... Wait...

3. You don't have to pay train prices for tea. Ok, if you're flying Flybe/ EasyJet/ RyanAir you do, but my most recent experiences are aith Aurigny, Nok Airways, and Thai Air and they are all kind and give you free drinks and snacks.

4. Planes only stop once. I am on a direct train to York. But it seems we will be stopping at every station between here and there. If a plane tried to do that, it would not be called direct.

5. Planes don't make incessant announcements. I don't really need to be told that there's an at-seat trolley service. I will see the at-seat trolley service when the lady comes around. There's only four carriages, it won't take that long. And I know we've just arrived at Temple Meads, there's a big sign on the platform.

6. Shops in airports are always open. Or they are in my experience. I was vastly disappointed not to be able to buy a paper this morning, and because there's a trolley service, not a buffet car, I have no option of buying one. Hmph.

Le sigh. I hope you all realise that I am joking here and I am not that ungrateful for train travel. I know flying isn't always feasible (hence why I'm not doing it today), blah blah blah. But hey. If I can't post a tongue in cheek list of why I hate train travel on my blog, where else can I post it? 


  1. ha, so true. but i enjoy train ride though.

  2. I loathe the train. I was going down to visit the boy and some young juicy couture wearing girls had their bags in my seat. There were no seats. Yet, I couldn't ask them to move their stuff. 30 minutes of standing and still no seat I plucked up the courage. They told me that they were not in my seat. I sigh with you Alice, their stuff was in my seat. I gave up and found a sweet man who found me a chair. I still loathe the train and everything it stands for.

    Emma x


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