Saturday, 2 November 2013

November Plans

I am really excited by the fact that it's November. I don't really like October- I have a fair few less-than-positive memories of the month and I'm always fairly relieved when it's over and I'm out of it more-or-less unscathed. 

But mostly, I'm excited by the fact that I have some really exciting plans coming up this month! So, inspired by the gorgeous Tabitha of Scared Toast, here are the things I'm looking forward to in November:

- Little L's 5th birthday. I'm going to make her an absolutely mental cake, because that's what big sisters are for. Possibly a rainbow cake.

From here
- Cake International with Jenny and Bess next weekend. Cannot wait to meet these girls and hopefully casually stalk Mary Berry.

- Playing in my first serious korfball match (tomorrow!). I'm playing in the seconds team, which for a girl who was actually genuinely frequently picked last in netball, feels like a momentous occasion. We'll ignore the fact I'm only playing half a game and only because they're a bit short of players/ being nice to the new girl. I'm excited.

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- Visiting the aforementioned Bess with Ellie and Emily (who is mildly incapable of blogging thesse days) in York. Again, we'll forget the fact I'll never have met E or E before and will only have met B the weekend before. What were the rules about meeting people you met on the internet again...?

From here
- Going to stay with my Cardiff buddies again. I miss them and I miss Cardiff! I'm excited for wine drinking, food munching, and girly catch ups.

- Other little things, like the new Hunger Games film, wearing a bobble hat and my new coat, crisp mornings, my car being completely repaired, mince pies and mulled wine (at the end of the month), bonfire night, Christmas shopping... shall I go on?

Are you looking forward to anything this month?


  1. OH my god I didn't realise there were so many things to look forward to this month Alice but you've shown me otherwise! I'm so looking forward to crisp morning and Hunger Games (!) and the fact that we'll be putting a christmas tree up in 5 weeks!
    Lovely post to read on a cold night Alice, happy birthday to your baby sister!!!


  2. nice pics, I;m ur new follower. PS: I drink a lot of tea too :)

  3. YAAAAAY. I'm really a fat old man ;) xx


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