Monday, 18 November 2013

Happiness Is... (vol. 42)

Can you believe that it's only 37 days until the big C is here? I'm feeling fairly festive already (which is a new experience, as over the past few years I've got to Christmas Eve still wondering why I don't feel festive), but I'm still slightly shocked that it really is so close. We're even having "Fakemas" at work on Thursday. Where on earth has this year gone?!

But it's OK. I still have some good things to look forward to in the remnants of the year, and this week, happiness is... 

... York. Well, York is bloody delightful, isn't it? Made all the more so by Ellie and hostess-with-the-mostess Bess. York is such a pretty city, and it made being in the north an awful lot less stressful. I'll certainly be writing about this properly over the next few days, but for now, suffice to say that I had an amazing weekend there.

... having a Monday off. I'm currently still in bed (awake, but still in bed), and I'm trying to remember the last time I had a weekday off for no real reason- possibly April? I normally use my annual leave to do things, whether it's a graduation, visiting friends, going on holiday... but today, I have no plans and I am home alone and that is brilliant. As is the fact that it's Monday and everyone else I know is at work. Sorry.

... playing the Google Maps game. I saw this on Becky's blog, and it's kept me vastly entertained at work ever since. Basically, you just drop the little yellow man onto google maps, and marvel at how beautiful the world actually is. Above it one I did earlier...

... cold mornings. As annoying as de-icing the car can be, I love cold, crisp mornings. Leaving a warm house and stepping into the cold air is just lovely- it feels so fresh. I do like winter. Mostly because I get to wear bobble hats.

... buying clothes for myself instead of Christmas shopping. Come on, the 25% off weekend at Joules was just too good an opportunity to miss!

What's making you happy this week?


  1. Can identify with your last bullet point! 25% off at New Look this weekend.... was meant to be Christmas shopping but got distracted... oops! x x

  2. I loved this weekend and I love you. That Google Maps game sounds fun, the world IS beautiful, I want to see go see ALL of it hehe. York was a good start xxxx

  3. You know what's even better than the google maps game A... GEOGUESSR. Play it now. xxx

  4. Hahahaha this weekend I spent quite a bit on clothes for myself, and the thought did cross my mind that I should be buying for others. BUT I did make mental notes of things I saw that would be good for gifts. So... not totally terrible... or selfish....

  5. I have always wanted to go to York!!

    Yay for the big C!x

  6. The google maps thing is so awesome, if you haven't already you should have a look at Venice, it is amazing! There's all these little alleyways and you can even go on the canals, its so much fun!!!
    the Earth through a Lens


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