Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Week

I feel that for something I profess to be a "lifestyle" blog, I don't always say that much about what I'm actually up to. Some weeks, yes, but it feels like a little while since I've given a rundown of what I've been up to. Writing this has actually made me realise that I've had a pretty big fail of a week, but hey, in hindsight it was pretty funny.

As I mentioned, I had to make yet another trip to the garage on Monday because my back number plate fell off. However, when I got there, the mechanic went out to look at the car, and quickly came back to the waiting room saying "Erm, you do realise your front number plate is missing too, don't you?". Fortunately, it was sitting on the driveway at home, but this did mean that I didn't get to work until nearly 10am. And then when I left work, a parking notice was stuck to my car. Fortunately, it was just a note from the parking man telling me to renew my permit, but even still, it was a mini heart-attack I could have done without.

Tuesday involved coffee with a friend straight from work, and then a pretty successful korfball session, where I managed to nearly run into the post, and hit a colleague in the head with a ball. I also discovered that I know all the words to Waterloo Sunset, which I'm actually pretty pleased about. 

From here
On Wednesday my colleague brought his little boy into work after school. He's about 9, and was doing some English work while he waited for his dad to finish working, so I decided I would "help" by explaining that no, the "-ing" form of a verb is actually called the gerund. Oops. But when I got in, I got to bake (as I mentioned here), which kind of made me forget my guilt at confusing a small child. 

Thursday was slightly more successful, as the cake went down really well and my boss again professed his delight at having employed me without knowing about my baking. But on Friday I had two horrific spider encounters (one at work, one in the kitchen at home), though I did use the left over cupcake from Thursday to get a colleague out of a strop. And my week has also been made by lots of "Professional Emails" from a few of my favourite bloggers (who will remain anonymous for fear of getting them into trouble at work).  

Friday's face
Less successfully, my car is back in the garage today- but hey, by the end of the day I'll have two working wing mirrors and will hopefully not have to go back to the garage until my car is due it's MOT in April.

Phew! So that's what I've been up to. This weekend should be quiet, but who knows if it'll stay that way for long. How was your week?


  1. Those cakes look super yummy. I love baking cakes and bringing them into work - you always get so much more praise from colleagues than you do from loved ones at home I always think. I guess work is so boring that a nice slice of homemade cake is a real joy!


  2. Sounds like a busy week! hope you managed to relax today :)

  3. Haha, you know you're a blogger when you take a photo of your parking "ticket". Sounds like a good week! And your boss is right, your cake looked brill !

    Kate x
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