Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Time Traveler's Wife

I can't really understand how I haven't done a full post about The Time Traveler's Wife until now. Probably for fear of people ripping my absolute favourite book ever to shreds- but hey, if one person does that while another goes and buys this, well then I'll be happy.

The Time Traveler's Wife is the story of Henry and Clare. Clare meets Henry when she is five, and Henry meets Clare for the first time when she is 20 and he is 28. Henry involuntarily time travels, and the book tells the story of Clare and Henry's relationship, and how they try to deal with this. It jumps around in time, and tells the story from both of their perspectives, and it's just amazing. 

As I mentioned all the way back in May, I've probably read The Time Traveler's Wife upwards of thirty times (which you can kind of tell from the state of the book...). I don't know what it is- no one else seems to love it quite as much as I do- but every time I pick this book up, I get just as caught up in it as I did the first time I read it. Whenever I see it in a shop, I get a little bit sad that I don't have the experience of reading it for the first time again (the only other book I've experienced this with is The Fault In Our Stars).

As always with excellent books, the film makes me unhappy because it just isn't anywhere near as good as the book. But, again, if it introduces someone to the book then I'm happy. I know a lot of people tend to find the jumping around in time thing quite hard to follow, but if you remember it actually tends to follow Clare's lifeline, it's a bit easier to get on with. 

If you haven't read it- please do give it a try? I can't promise you'll love it- but I can promise that it's a lovely, lovely book.


  1. I bought this over the summer and it has been on my shelf ever since but this has given me the push to start it! I know what you mean about loving a book so much you almost feel protective over it...mine is Wild Swans by Jung Chang - have you read it?
    hannah x

  2. Awww I read this a few years ago, it is so good!

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  4. Oh this makes me so happy! I just added to my 'reads' page on my blog this week, and all I could say about this one was to just read it. What else can be said?! My copy got left on a plane so I was on the hunt for a new one - found one in Oxfam and said to my boyfriend 'Oh I just knew we'd find each other again'. Both he and the guy in the shop wrote me off as a crazy book lady there and then, but I think it's worth it for this one :)

  5. I remember reading The Time Traveller's Wife a LONG time ago but can't seem to recall how I felt about it... Might need to dig it up and give it another go :)


  6. thanks for the lovely comment - i know, I couldn't believe the flowers either! She's such a nice lady :)
    Ah i've never read this but I have been told it's good - i watched the film first though so maybe I've ruined it for myself!

    Hannah xx

  7. I've only managed to read this twice, not cos i don't like it but 'cos of how much it makes me cry. I usually hate books with love stories in them but this book is beautiful and I love it xo

  8. I always want to comment on your book review posts, but I don't really read. However, my day has come! I read this years ago!! I bought it because I thought the cover was cute. I actually loved it, and then the film came out. It was like Harry Potter all over again. Terrible film for me, so cringy!

    Emma x

  9. One of my favourites too! Lots of people I went to uni with thought it was rubbish, HOW?! It's so clever and beautifully written! xx


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