Friday, 4 October 2013

The Theatre Royal, Plymouth

I like going to the theatre.

I'm not a musical theatre nerd (if anything, those people kind of/ really annoy me. There is no need to show off your extreme knowledge of every musical to have ever graced Broadway. It's not that important), and equally, I'm not a theatre snob, and I certainly won't look down on you if you don't like theatre, in the same way I don't expect to be looked down on for the fact that I can really take or leave seeing bands live. 

I'll watch anything, from panto, to Shakespeare, to musicals, to the Birmingham Royal Ballet, to The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (still one of the best performances I've ever seen) and love it all. To me, nothing feels more special than a night at the theatre- and when I was in school, I was lucky enough to go at least once every six weeks, either on an organised school trip, or just with my mum. Since going to university, it's slightly dropped off my radar a bit- but that's just served the purpose of making it seem even more special when I do get to go.

My local theatre, the Theatre Royal Plymouth, has recently reopened after a six month closure- during which time, it has undergone a £7 million pound redevelopment. On Wednesday night I met a uni friend of mine straight from work to get a little glimpse of it now the majority of the work is finished. 

With the redevelopment, there's been a load of rebranding. In my opinion, the new logo is much better, much slicker and more modern- but doesn't clash with the 1980s building, which is pretty impressive, I think.

Inside, they've extended the foyer which, if you're local you'll know, used to be very small and cramped, and while it led to a really bustling environment when you first arrived, trying to get anywhere was an absolute nightmare. People seem to flow around the building an awful lot better, which is much nicer. There's also a lovely new cafe when you first go in- the cakes looked amazing, and look how cute the milk bottles are!!

Upstairs, they've redeveloped the bar (wahey!) and put in lots of photos of famous actors and actresses in various performances. Seriously, I could have stayed and looked at these all evening- they're so interesting! We were there just before the night's sold-out performance of War Horse was due to start, and the atmosphere was electric. Lucky ducks who got to see it that night! (I have to wait until Saturday, boo!)

If you can't read the sign/ tell, this is Daniel Craig. Topless.
Once we were done pottering around the theatre, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at my favourite restaurant in Plymouth- Lorenzo's, a teeny restaurant right behind the theatre, and home of English-sized Spanish tapas, and the best, most enormous, nachos in Plymouth. Cracking stuff.

Overall, the theatre is looking amazing. They've done such a good job of it, and  it looks really slick (even if the outside isn't quite finished just yet!). Having seen it all now has made me even more excited to see War Horse on Saturday now- and all in all, a pretty cool evening! 

NB- I wasn't asked to write any of this. I just really liked it!


  1. HAHAHA Alice, did I ever tell you I was a musical theatre major in college. :)

    I promise I try not to brag about knowing musicals though. While I love them, it's not really a topic to brag about haha.

  2. Those nachos just made me SO hungry! I love the ceremony of going to the theatre, and I totally would have got carried away with those pictures as well!


  3. My parents are going to see War Horse on Saturday - enjoy! And Lorenzo's is by far my most favourite restaurant ever in Plymouth. Those huge nachos, chicken coco (which I think they stopped doing), ginormous buckets of hot chocolate, oh I love it all. I definitely need to go back!!!

  4. I work in a theatre in Nottingham and it's always nice glimpsing inside another city's theatre! Hope you enjoyed War Horse, my auntie saw it and loved it!


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