Thursday, 3 October 2013

Rainy Days

I'm writing this at 10:30pm on Wednesday, and I'm told that we're due torrential rain on Thursday. Ooof. Part of me is now really hoping it does, because if it doesn't, well, this post is going to look pretty stupid.

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I've already planned to wear my most obnoxiously brightly coloured dress to work tomorrow to combat the misery that will no doubt fall over my entire office- but to be honest, I don't mind the rain. I certainly don't mind the rain when I'm at work. For example, in my 2011 summer job, the office I was in had no external windows (we looked over the factory floor, which was pretty cool actually), which meant that the woman I shared with and I could pretend that it was bucketing down when in fact, it was glorious sunshine outside. This made us feel mildly less miserable about being stuck at work.

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But even when I'm not at work, I like rain. Not necessarily in a "snuggle up inside" sort of way- but of course that is fun. More than that, I like the camaraderie that comes with a deluge. The way you can run from building to building, skid inside, push down your hood, and grin at the nearest person, saying "Gosh, it's a bit damp out there, isn't it?!" and know that they'll almost certainly respond. I know we Brits are pretty well known for constantly gabbing about the weather, but in the words of my Zimbabwean colleague, "It's only because the weather here is so interesting!".

I like singing things like Stormy Weather. I like hiding under my blue and white striped umbrella, and remembering the time I ran screaming with friends from a restaurant back to my house, kicking puddles at each other and shrieking with laughter. Or remembering the ridiculous rain we experienced in Pai, in Thailand. And I love seeing little ones in wellies and raincoats- particularly if they're jumping in puddles.

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I like the drama of blustery weather, and in particular thunderstorms. Once, a friend and I put on swimsuits and wellies, and had a waterfight in the middle of a thunderstorm (we were about 9 at the time- so much fun). I like the fact that "extreme" (come on, our weather really isn't extreme) weather makes me feel small, and part of something much much bigger. I don't mind having to drive with my lights on, or have the lights on in my office. I like the fact that I have a legitimate excuse to stare out of the window and say things like "Oh, it's really coming down". 

Needless to say, as I'm writing this I'm cosied up in bed listening to the rain start to patter against my window. Inevitably, everything I've just written will go completely out of the window when I actually have to go outside in this weather.Such is life! 


  1. i love how you put things out about the rain. i don't mind the rain too. it's been a while since we had rain in bali. i kinda miss hear the sound of it and the smell of the soil after the rain's gone.

  2. Heard there was thunder and lighting down in Plymouth today - at least it rained for you!

  3. I like the rain also. It's the perfect weather to cozy up on the couch and read a good book.


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