Friday, 25 October 2013

On Why I Like The Royal Family

I don't mean this post to be controversial, OK? I get that some people don't like the royal family. They see them as over-privileged, a relic of a bygone era, living off the state, yadda yadda yadda. To you I say- I will never change your mind, you won't enjoy this post, and there are probably people in your tow you could describe in the same way. But hey- I'm hoping at least some of you will share my glee at the picture below. And not just because of the impeccable colour co-ordination of the Princes, or the fact that the Queen has her handbag at her feet, or even the fact it gives newspapers (my bets are on the red tops) using headlines such as "We Three Kings In Waiting, Are" (to be sung to the tune of "We Three Kings Of Orient, Are", obviously).

No. I like it because it gives us all a little something to be cheerful about. A well known family have been joined by a beautiful, healthy baby boy, who will in all likelihood grow up to be our monarch. Isn't that exciting? Yes, it's a little bit silly- but surely no sillier than the fact that Nick Grimshaw appearing in Home & Away made the news? (I'm not even entirely sure I'd know who Nick Grimshaw is. Ellie does though, and got all excited when she saw him t'other day. Lucky girl!).

I just generally like the Royal Family to be honest. They're fun. They crop up at happy things, and generally seem to be pretty good sports. Let's not forget that the Queen pretended to be escorted to the Olympic Opening Ceremony by James Bond, after all! And Prince Philip is my favourite- who else would possibly say to a woman in a wheelchair at a garden party "well, at least you get to sit down through all of this"?!

I actually had an interview at Buckingham Palace a few weeks ago. Clearly, I didn't get the job, but it was an incredible experience, and really reiterated to me how important the Royal Family are to the wider world's perceptions of the United Kingdom (or do I mean Great Britain? I'm never certain which to use when). As I waited nervously outside, I attempted to calm myself by people watching, and was cheered by the huge diversity in the people standing outside the Palace, taking pictures, craning for a better look. It was amazing, and really made me realise just how brilliant everyone else thinks our Royal Family are. I just think it's a bit of a shame that more people here don't necessarily agree. Because let's be honest- the Royal Family are completely harmless. Yes, Her Majesty gets the final say on all laws which are passed by the government, but if she were ever to say no, there would be an almighty constitutional crisis.

I certainly appreciate that there are things which are not great about the royals, or monarchies in general, but I don't want to go into them here. Just please rest assured that I'm aware of them, and in some extent agree with certain things.

But regardless- Happy Christening Prince George. I wish you, your father, grandfather, and great grandmother long, healthy and happy lives. And when you're older, please take a leaf out of your uncle and great grandfather's book and do/ say some ridiculous things to give us all something to chuckle about.


  1. Great post - I totally agree! It is just nice to have people there to represent our country and tourism to visit places like Buckingham Palace brings a lot of money back into our economy - perhaps enough to equal what they use.

  2. I love the royal family! They basically represent all things british, don't you think?

  3. I love the royal family. They are a part of our tradition as much as anything else and i think they set us apart from other countries. True there are things i think are not so great about them but come on, the queen is what 87 now (?!) and she's still running the country. Even agreed to let someone jump out of plane and pretend to be her, that's one cool lady! Plus i become more obsessed with being like Kate Middleton by the day so..

  4. I love the royal family. And I'm super pleased for them :)

  5. this is such a cute post :D I am glad you speak up your mind :D I am pro Royal Family as well ;)

  6. I like them too! I remember at the Royal Wedding I got fully into the spirit and that was my royal epiphany. I think Kate was a great help to their reputation, as she is a normal person joining their little creq xx

    1. I've just made up creq - styling it out by saying it is a combination of "crew" and "clique" and not a result of end-of-the-week typing

  7. I'm totally wth you here. I got so excited over the Royal Wedding and these pictures of Prince George! In Australia, a lot of people tend to think that we should break away from the Commonwealth and become a republic, and I agree to some extent, but on the other hand, I absolutely love the Royal family and am proud of Australia's heritage. On top of that, I met the NSW Governor two years ago and she is the most lovely, intelligent person I've ever met. I would hate for her role to be taken away if we turned into a republic! xx


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