Tuesday, 29 October 2013


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I've mentioned it before, but life has got rather busy of late. Which is wonderful and brilliant and I like it a lot, but trying to find time to blog in and amongst the full time job, seeing friends, and making cake for various work celebrations, I'm starting to run low on time. 

I went on a date with a guy once who told me that our days should be split into three lots of seven hours- one to be used for sleep, one to be used for work, and one to be used for enjoying oneself. The remaining three were to be used for whatever the hell we fancy- but when you work eight hours, commute for up to three, sleep for eight, and try to have a little bit of a social life, all of a sudden the time just sort of vanishes.

And when time vanishes, so does my inspiration. 

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The ironic thing is that this week's #lbloggers chat was all about inspiration, andI am currently suffering from a rather large lack of it. I don't know why- theoretically, being busy should give me lots of things to write about. But we all know what it's like- when we're having fun, we forget to take pictures or remember things to put in posts. And hey- what's interesting to me (time with my favourites) actually isn't all that interesting to the complete stranger sitting on their computer somewhere else in the world. So what do I write about? I have absolutely no idea. 

So I'm trying to get my inspiration back. Will you bear with me while I hunt for it? And if you have any thoughts on things you'd like me to write about- feel more than welcome to pop them in the comments/ tweet me/ email me/ so on?


  1. I love reading all of your posts, your way of writing is amazing :) I know what you mean, when you're busy and out having fun you can't remember to take photos! I struggle with that a lot and want to write about places I've been but I have no photos! I also left my decent camera at my rents house 'cos I don't have a case for it so I can't even take really good photos if I wanted to! xo

  2. i want to be in that second picture. such a peaceful moment.

  3. I go in and out of blog lulls too, sometimes I just feel like I use up all my words during the day, and that I have none left for posts! You have a great way with words, so wait until they come back!!! Look forward to more lovely Cup and Saucering soon xx

  4. You blog more regularly than I could ever be bothered with so don't worry if you're feeling a little bit stuck, you're all ready way up there in my opinion - I struggle to find topics for three blogs a week!

    I hope it comes flooding back soon xxx

  5. Nice inspirations and post!




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