Tuesday, 8 October 2013

"If you've been to Timbuktu, she's been to Timbuk-three"

 You know those conversations where you're telling a story about something funny that's happened to you, or about an experience you've had, or even just something you did at the weekend? And then someone jumps in with an anecdote that totally upstages everything you've just said?

Yeah. That.

I was recently involved in a conversation like this, where Person 1 said about how they'd done a lot of washing at the weekend. Person 2 then chipped in with "Yeah, we did SEVEN loads" and completely turned the conversation around. After they left, Person 1 sighed and said "If you've been to Timbuktu, she's been to Timbuk-three".

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Besides this being pretty damn hilarious, it also made me realise that I am definitely guilty of doing this. I think we all are, to an extent. We can be so keen to get involved in conversations that we jump all over the original story and detract attention away from the storyteller. Come on- we've all done it. When someone is talking about their upcoming holiday, and you then jump in with a hysterical anecdote about that time you found a lizard in your bed in Greece? 

So I'm giving myself a mid-week-October-resolution to make a conscious effort not to do this. I'm going to listen more. It's fine to get involved in conversations, but I'm going to try really hard to make sure I don't stamp all over the conversation. Because God knows I find it so annoying when someone does it to me... 


  1. This is great. When I was at University one of my housemates did this CONSTANTLY and I mean constantly. Literally every conversation anyone ever had with her, she'd turn it around and talk about herself. It ended up with me not liking her at all and now that uni's over we don't talk at all! Thankfully she is in the minority who do it alllllllll the time but you are right, we are all guilty of it and I too try not to because I know how irritating it is xo

  2. Oh my goodness I was just writing a blog article about this same exact topic except my person, went to TimbukFOUR. So there! hehe just kidding! Sounds like person 1 is a good egg!! xx

  3. Ha we definitely have a girl at work like this and she has NO sense of boundaries (when my friend was telling us about her mum's cancer, this girl interrupted with a story about her own 'malfunctioning liver'...) so I'm fairly conscious of trying not to do it! :)

  4. Haha, that quote is hilarious! My current housemate is completely guilty of trying to upstage everyone all the time. It gets super tiring. Maybe I should forward him this blog post to see if he takes the hint...

  5. Wow, I never thought of this, but I totally do this all the time! How horrible of me!

  6. Haha, this is so true! I'm very guilty of this - I have a rubbish attention span sometimes so this is a good resolution for me too! x x


  7. My boyfriend's brother sai the timbuk-three thing the other day, and followed it with "If you've been to Kuwait, he's been to Ku-nine" and another clever one I can't remember!

  8. Haha I hate it when people do it - but they do it all the time! I don't think most people even realise when they do it! Glad I came across your blog, loving having a read of it :) x


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