Monday, 28 October 2013

Happiness Is... (vol. 39)

After a long, busy, stressful week, this weekend was a balm to redress the wounds. It felt almost like a school or uni holiday, for some reason. Regardless, it was certainly exactly what I needed and I'm returning to work today feeling refreshed, brightened, and strengthened. I am Alice, hear me shout at the top of my lungs about why I'm right and you're wrong!!

But anyways. This week, happiness is...

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... the clocks going back. Everyone crows about getting an extra hour in bed, but I actually liked the fact that I essentially woke up an hour earlier than usual. It meant I got an extra long Sunday, which is never a bad thing. I'm not one for lazy mornings!

... weekends with friends. This weekend included showing uni friends some of the best areas of Plymouth (Royal William Yard and the Barbican, with a trip to Cap'n Jaspers thrown in for good measure), and dinner with my two best friends from school on Saturday, and brunch and pub hopping with three very hungover friends and two not-hungover ones on Sunday. It's been bloody brilliant. 

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... Plymouth Gin. After twenty one years of living in the Plymouth area, I finally got around to doing the tour of the gin distillery to learn all about how Plymouth Gin is made. Did you know it contains seven botanicals, and has protected designation of origin, like Champagne and Cognac? And their sloe gin is bloody marvellous. A gin and tonic in the cocktail bar in the top of the distillery was also included in the price of the tour ticket, and we certainly weren't complaining- their gin is lovely! (And this is coming from a girl who's always a bit wary of gin, as it's known to be a weepy drink!)

... blog friends. Bess wrote a post for me. A post. For me. Isn't she awesome? I'm so excited to meet her, JennyEllie, and Emily over various weekends in November. God help them.

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... liking fish. Until recently, I had a mental block on eating fish. I was completely certain that I hated it, and completely refused to eat it. And now, I have no idea why- Mama CupandSaucer's fish pie is now one of my absolute favourite meals, and salmon with sweet potato chips is also pretty damn tasty. I think fish is a really great, grown up thing to like, and I'm so happy I enjoy eating it now! 

What's making you happy this week?


  1. I've only recently started eating fish as my mum is allergic to it so I was sure I would be too! Luckily I'm not and I find it super tasty now :) x

  2. Ahhh I love Plymouth gin, I used to go on the factory tour all the time. I would recommend the Barbican kitchen above the distillery for a nice dinner run by the Tanner brothers, or B bar on the barbican for some FIT noodles. xx

  3. I was telling Emma (above) that someone else had been telling me about Plymouth Gin.. it was you! Don't get Emma on gin though, she's angry. Gad you're happy. Your weekend sounds fun. Can't wait to meet you too my dear!

  4. I went on the gin tour earlier this year...although had to be taken back to my hotel room as I got a little too drunk! hehe

    Shame I didn't know you then as we were stuck for nice cafes to visit and you would have been the perfect person to ask! x


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