Monday, 21 October 2013

Happiness Is... (vol. 38)

My last truly quiet weekend until December has now been and gone. Eep. And I'm starting my busy time off this week actually- staying at my friend's lovely flat in Exeter tonight, playing in my first korfball match on Tuesday, and going to the theatre on Friday- which is all very exciting. But you may have to excuse me if posts get a little sporadic, particularly around the weekends, over the next few weeks. Okay? Good.

I felt rather meh at the end of last week and over the weekend, but a lovely walk with Mama CupandSaucer blew away a load of the cobwebs and I feel much better going into the new week. And this week, happiness is...

From here
...cheese on toast. Because let's be honest, for anyone trying to be remotely healthy this is like the worst thing you can eat, right?  Cheese. Bread.  Yeesh. Well, everything in moderation and a happy Alice you will have. And a everything that includes cheese on toast is a winner in my book.

... singing The Story very VERY loudly. Actually, singing anything very loudly makes me feel a hell of a lot better about everything. It's one of the reasons I'm a little glad about not being in the Car Share Club at work- if I had other people in my car, I wouldn't sing. As an aside, if you're every driving around the west/ south Devon area and see a small brunette girl singing along to Radio 2 inside a red car, chances are it's me.

.... boots and socks. I keep seeing pictures on Pinterest and then this post of Rosie's came along and I realised that I really am missing a trick by just wearing boots with tights or normal socks. So I added my walking socks to my favourite ankle boots on Saturday, and was introduced to a whole new world of cosy feet. Winner winner chicken dinner.

...things little kids say. On Sunday, I heard one small child on a bike yell to another "USE YOUR BRAKES YOU DOUGHNUT!". Priceless!

Just because I'm mentioning Downton. Sorry for the blur. From here
... switching radio stations just in time to hear a favourite song. On Sunday, this meant flicking to Classic FM (oh hush you) just as the Downton Abbey Suite began to play. This also happened in the week when I switched the car on just as Royals started playing on Radio 2. Happy Alice indeed!


  1. What the flip is korfball?

    I love cheese on toast, I'm with you there! That and macaroni cheese always make me and my tummy smile x

  2. I just did a little laughy snort at 'use your breaks you doughnut!'


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