Monday, 14 October 2013

Happiness Is. (vol. 37)

Mama CupandSaucer said to me last night "Alice, you seem so much happier within yourself recently. It's so lovely to see". And it's true. I am much happier within myself these days. I'm more confident too- I mean, I used to walk around looking at the floor most of the time- now I walk with my head held high (in a non-cocky, slightly awkward way), and notice guys looking at me, which is weird, and generally speaking makes me look behind me to see who they're staring at.

I don't know what it is, but being busy and having exciting plans coming up is certainly part of it. If I haven't already done it by the time this is posted, at some point today I'll be booking train tickets to visit Thoroughly English with Emily and Ellie, and I am SO excited about it. I also have plans to visit uni friends, school friends, and Cake International in a few weeks. Happy times indeed!

But that's all up and coming- this week, happiness is...

... getting enough sleep. On both Friday and Saturday night, I slept for 10 straight hours, and I felt so good for it all weekend. My new resolution for this week is to go to bed early! I've got into a bad habit of going to sleep after 11, and when you have to get up at 6:15 every morning, it's not good times. Fingers crossed I actually stick to it!

From here
... the smell of vanilla/ toffee/ caramel/ honey. When I was at the Lush meet up I was massively drawn to anything and everything that smelled of vanilla, caramel, and so on. After having a chat about it with the lovely girl who worked there, we worked out that it's probably to do with the amount of baking I do- to me, these are just seriously comforting smells, and make me so happy!

...Sunday afternoon disney films. Hercules was on Channel 5 yesterday afternoon when Mama CupandSaucer and I got in from our little shopping trip (more on that tomorrow). It was brilliant to just spend a couple of hours curles up on the sofa with tea and the cat, singing "Bless my soul, Herc was on a roll!" and forgetting about Monday mornings. Lovely stuff.

... film canisters full of 50p pieces. I can't remember when she started doing it, but for a long time now my grandma has filled empty film canisters with 50p pieces and has given them to my brothers, cousin, and I every now and then. It's such a lovely thing for her to do, and hey, having change is always a good thing!

... my favourite jumper. It may have belonged to a guy I was with for six months nearly five years ago (!! How did that happen!?), but the enormous dark grey cashmere jumper he left at my house has since been my absolute favourite. It's just so soft and cosy! I've decided to treat myself to one I can wear on a daily basis after my next payday- this one in light grey is the current favourite.

What's making you happy this week?


  1. You. You are making me happy. :) xxx

  2. My nan used to put 5ps in Smarties tubes, perhaps it is a nan thing? Good work on the Sunday Disney films, what an excellent use of time. And bravo to being generally happy! xxx

  3. Happiness is the BEST thing ever. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love that Uniqlo jumper you have your eye on. I''m also thinking it's about time I splashed out on some nice quality jumpers - something that'll last me a few years (as long as it doesn't accidentally get thrown in the washing machine with everything else!).

    Victoria,, xx

  5. Completely with you on the Disney front - currently watching Cinderella!
    Glad to hear you are a happy bunny :)

  6. My Grandad gives me socks full of pennies which I save up and cart off to the bank - I must look like a total nutter with a bag full of socks, but it's definitely such a nice thing for grandparents to do, it's nice to know they're thinking of their grandchildren even when they just have a bit of spare change. And I agree with Beeta, it definitely is nice to know you're happier! x

  7. Great list :) I've been watching disney films too! I made me housemate watch peter pan and robin hood with me :') I've written my most recent happy list on my blog if you'd like a peek :)


  8. My nan used to do exactly the same thing with film canisters - both with 50p's and with £1 coins. She used to get me to save them up and then she'd exchange it for a £5 note - it felt like such a large amount of money when you're only little!
    Film canisters were so useful, it's a real shame you can't really get them anymore! :-) x

  9. I love Hercules! Me and the boyfriend watched it not long ago; forgotten how brilliant it is.


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