Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Forty Days of Dating

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I spent pretty much the  whole of the weekend before last reading Forty Days of Dating, and then posted it on my Facebook page the minute I stopped. It's a project undertaken by two friends, who agreed to date for forty days to try to work out a bit more about themselves and why they go about relationships in the way they do. It was part social experiment, part design project, and wholly brilliant.

I loved Jessie, and I loved Tim. And I loved how much it taught me about myself. I do a lot of the things that Jessie does, and I recognised myself in Tim too. By reading it, I think I learnt a lot about my own flaws and where I go wrong in love. When I was reading this, I also thought a lot about what I've learnt from guys I've dated or had feelings for- like the guy who taught me that being strong and fixed is something attractive, or the one who taught me to be confident in completely alien situation, and why I fall in love the way I do, and why I have the insecurities I do.

The whole thing made me happy and sad, and probably affected me as much, and possibly more, than any actual book I've ever read has. I want this to be an actual book, so I can just pull it off my bookshelf and peruse it for days on end. It's fantastic. Go, and read it now, and learn about love.

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  1. Ok now I know what I'm going to be reading this coming weekend... haha


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