Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fashion Advice From My Childhood Self

I'm not going to pretend I'm the most stylish person in the world as an adult. I know what I like and I know what I don't, and I very much tend to play it safe in what I wear.

Fortunately, Mama CupandSaucer had no such compunctions when I was a small child. And looking at old pictures on Saturday (we were trying to work out if I look as much like her as everyone says by using pictures of her aged 23 and decided that I don't.), I realised that I could learn a lot from my childhood self as far as fashion is concerned.

Therefore ladies and gentlemen, I give you- how to do 2013 fashion according to 1990s Alice. Apologies for the quality- these are photos of photos, generally close up to avoid getting any family members in shot.

Lesson 1: Stripes are always cool.

How many stripes can you get into one picture?
Lesson 2: Never throw away your tartan skirt. It will come back into fashion. And posing on your tummy is a good way to make yourself look slimmer.

Lesson 3: When it doubt, wear something with a collar.

I genuinely still have a cardigan almost identical to this one.
And the bigger the collar, the better

And finally- lesson 4: Getting monochrome, stripes, and a collar into one dress is an achievement which should be celebrated by climbing on a wooden block.

And now it's your turn. Please dig out your old childhood pictures and post them on the internet for my enjoyment?!


  1. Fantastic! What a stylish little cutie you were!!! Good tip re: posing! Must remember that when someone pulls out a camera at the next party, lay on the floor lay on the floor!!! xx

  2. LOVE this. Especially the mahoooosive collar photo :) x

  3. Omg I love seeing old pictures, the last dress is amazing! I did a whole series of these posts on my blog ages ago, check it out! :) foofandfaff.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/family%20flashbacks

  4. Your striped dress WITH the collar and what is maybe a black bow is possibly the cutest dress ever- I'd wear that now to be honest. For saying you are a 90's baby this styling is impeccable. Although I am disappointed in the distinct lack of Pokemon related items.
    Also, you are funny, I like that.


  5. Hilarious! You were certainly better dressed than me - I had a lot of my mum's knitted creations on the go! I love that bottom photo - so cute! x

  6. I love that you wore stripes even back then! You just love those stripes, Alice!x


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