Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Exeter Blogger Meet Up

On Saturday evening I had my very first encounter with other actual-real-life-bloggers. The lovely Jess from Mismatched Knitwear had organised a meet up for us South West bloggers at Lush, and I am so pleased I went.

My evening started with my usual aplomb. Having Google Maps-ed Cosy Club, where I was meeting Jess, BellaEllieFrankie, and Aimee for an early supper before heading to Lush, I thought I knew where I was going- and managed to get spectacularly lost in the middle of a business park. Cue several frantic texts to Jess, who quickly took pity on me and gave me cracking directions by text, and even came outside to meet me. When I finally found her, 20 minutes late and feeling rather flustered, she said how funny it was to meet someone you've met on the internet- we actually all commented on how similar internet dating must be.

Apologies for the blur...!
The other girls were already inside chattering away over jugs of amazing looking cocktails (I was driving back that evening so stuck to juice), and everyone was getting on so well I was pretty convinced that everyone knew each other already. It's weird, isn't it, how a common interest and a casual bit of internet stalking can make meeting a stranger so much easier!?

We had a good peruse of the menus, and were a pretty even split- Jess, Frankie and I chose tapas (mine were 5-spice pulled pork, chorizo, and falafel) , while Bella, Ellie, and Aimee picked all sorts of lovely things from the main menu. 

After demolishing the delicious food, we tottered in clickety heels and boots to Lush, where we were in for an evening of treats- stopping in the cathedral green to snap away. Exeter, you're pretty.

We were greeted by the absolutely brilliant ladies and gents in the store, who had made little parcel tags for us each to wear (I definitely commented on how I felt like I was being put in the post- I meant it in a good way, promise!), which made remembering everyone's names ever-so-slightly easier. That said, it is pretty awkward when you're mid conversation and trying to stare at another girl's chest because you've forgotten what her name is...

We were like children in a sweet shop. We were basically given free reign of the shop to potter, sample, smell, and chatter to our heart's content, whilst the staff put on skin consultations, hair consultations, fragrance readings, and colour readings.

With the colour readings, basically each colour on the wheel shown has an emotion attached to it. You close your eyes, clear your mind, the wheel is spun, and when you open your eyes, you pick the first three colours you're drawn to- each of which mean something different, depending on the order in which you picked them. The first colour was supposed to represent how you were feeling at that time, the second represented an emotion you were seeking, and the third an overall quality which you possessed. Mine were motivation, "lifted" (which kind of equates to positivity), and feeling secure- and I think they were oddly accurate, actually!

For me, it was great to just potter around Lush and really get a feel for a lot of the products. I must confess- before Saturday, I really wasn't that huge a fan of Lush- I thought it was all bath bombs and bubble bars, and given that I'm not a big bath person (I shower, obviously), I never tended to pop in. But on Saturday, I was in my element, and fell in love with so many of the products- particularly the It's Raining Men shower gel, Soft Coeur and the new Gold Fun Bar from the upcoming Christmas range we were cheekily given a sneak peek at (it's amazing). I love anything that smells of vanilla, caramel, toffee, honey... so for me, all of these products are absolute winners. 

We were then given a demonstration of how to make the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser/ exfoliator- and Frankie got stuck right in, and did a pretty stellar job too. My skin has really loved the product, which is something I really wasn't expecting (and is clearly down to Frankie's expert mixing skills!)

I also managed to wangle a cheeky arm and hand massage, which turned into an amazing neck massage when the lovely lady (whose name I have completely blanked on) realised that I carry an awful lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. I wasn't going to complain when she said she'd like to spend an hour working on my neck!

Overall, it was just so great to meet some other bloggers- particularly Jess, who I've been dying to meet for ages. It's so lovely meeting a new group of girls, and I'm really hoping we can manage to get together again soon. And the lovely goodie bag we were so kindly given was pretty amazing too (containing a fresh facemask, Frankie's batch of Angels on Bare Skin, and a sample of the Rose Jam shower gel) and such a lovely bonus to a seriously great evening.

Excuse my face- focus on Jess' gorgeous one instead!

Huge thanks go to the amazing people at Lush, and of course Jess for organising the entire thing. Here's to the next meet up!!


  1. What a great event! I love Lush so much, but hate that I can't use Angels on Bare Skin - it gives me a horrid bumpy rash on my face! I'm hoping that Lush have a different face scrub which my skin will like a little better!

  2. Great post! My housemate thinks I'm mad for reading everyone's accounts of the same night but I love them all haha, it was so lovely to meet you! Bxx

  3. Looks so lovely! xx


  4. Hello! I was just bobbing on over to say thank you lots for your kind comment on my little blog. Hope you are having a lovely week and have managed to crack out that new coat of yours, its def getting chillier up here in Cumbria, woo!!!

    Your meet up looked lovely. I was fortunate enough to meet some local bloggers from round here last year and we have all kept in touch and met up a few times more. Its funny how you can suddenly feel like you might have known someone a long time when you have only just met properly!!!

    Have a fab week xxxx

  5. I love Lush & I love meeting fellow bloggers - this sounds like the perfect day for me!
    You've got me all excited for going to Lush in Cardiff on Thursday with the Welsh blogging gang :) x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  6. I really wish I could have made it to this event but I'll be at the SW bloggers meet so stopping by to say Hi! Now following on bloglovin!


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