Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Chocolate Wars: Montezuma's Space Hopper

I had an idea.

Rather than just eating chocolate because a) chocolate makes me happy and b) chocolate tastes good, I decided that it would be a very good idea if every time I tried some exciting new chocolate, I told all of you about it! Because that way, I'm eating it for the greater good. Right? 

And just for the record, no one is paying me to do this or sending me free chocolate (though let's be honest, if they did I wouldn't complain [and would tell you]). And I'm certainly not doing this for the prospect of free chocolate. Sharing is caring, and I'm just sharing what I'm discovering with you. This isn't going to be a regular post. It'll be a "hey I tried something delicious and now I'm going to tell you all about it" sort of post whenever I come across something worth discussing. OK? Good. Then we'll begin.

First up- Montezuma's Space Hopper. This is a milk chocolate (43% cocoa solids) flavoured with orange oil. So basically, a slightly fancier version of everyone's favourite- the chocolate orange.

It's true that whenever you see fancy chocolate with orange, the chocolate tends to be dark- which I don't mind, but you do sometimes find that the richness of the chocolate overtakes the orange. But this one is actually really well balanced, and it is a proper orange flavour. 

I like the cardboard packaging, but I'd personally prefer a proper foil inside wrapper, purely because in my area this is easier to recycle. But I do like the branding on the plastic-y foil wrapping, and I really like the big star on the bar, mostly because this means you can eat a third of the bar in one go because it's really only one square...

This is a really lovely chocolate, actually. I love the fact that the bar is quite thick, as thin chocolate doesn't really do it for me personally. It's really quite rich without being too much- which means that I actually didn't feel the need to eat the whole bar in one go, which some cheaper chocolate (*cough* Cadbury's *cough*) can make me want to do.

Overall- it's a really nice bar of chocolate, and while a bit less fun than a chocolate orange (because come on, smashing it on the fireplace is one of the most fun bits of Christmas), it's a delicious and slightly more grown up way of eating orange flavoured chocolate without going the whole way with dark chocolate. I approve!!


  1. Mmm this looks so good, I loved Bournville Orange until they stopped making it. Where can you buy Montezuma from?

    1. Bournville Orange?? How have I never heard of that?
      This Montezumas looks pretty damn tasty though!
      M x


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