Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Review: Rush

I went to the cinema on Monday nigh for the first time in an AGE. Seriously- I think the last time I went to the cinema was to see Les Mis. But on Monday morning I'd got to work, and was told by my boss that he'd been to see Rush at the weekend, and that it was great. When he added "and as a straight man, I have to say- Chris Hemsworth is FIT!!", I was sold, despite the fact that I'm not a very big Formula 1 fan. So I text my friend A, who IS a big F1 fan, to see if he was keen and found out he was planning on going that night. Talk about timing!!

Remembering that I'm not a Formula 1 fanatic, I can honestly say that Rush was BRILLIANT. I used to wind my ex up by saying that it was just driving around in circles, and he used to try to explain that it wasn't- and FINALLY, I get what he was talking about. The relationships, the cars, the crashes, the history- it all comes together in Rush to make a film that even an F1 novice will seriously enjoy.

Normally, I have a bad habit of looking up a synopsis before I watch a film, thus ruining the ending for myself. But for some reason (namely the fact that I ran out of time) I didn't, even though it's based on the true story of James Hunt and Niko Lauda's rivalry in the 1976 World Championship. As a result, I was completely sucked in and absolutely glued to te screen, with absolutely NO idea how the film would end.

And if nothing else- you could go to see this based purely on how for Chris Hemsworth looks in it- and I'm not the sort of person who usually gets worked up about guys in films. With regard to the characters, I never warmed to Niki Lauda- but then I don't know that you're supposed to. And regardless, he was incredibly well played. But  James Hunt had me hook line and sinker from word go- I totally rooting for him the whole way through.

Despite being a "boy" film, Rush is SO much more than a film about cars. As always with the films and books I like- this about the PEOPLE,  and in this case their rivalry, not the setting. Yes, it added some serious drama to the story, but I think I'd have enjoyed it regardless.

I'd seriously recommend this film- seriously, I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a film as much as this one.

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  1. Rush is definitely the best thing I've seen lately - must admit I went into it purely with the intention of doing some Thor ogling but the story totally drew me in, I ended up totally rooting for Niki Lauda haha! :)


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