Monday, 2 September 2013

Happiness Is... (vol.31)

I'm excited for Monday this week. I have the strangest week in work due to moving offices- we're going to a re-purposed building that sounds amazing; my new office is apparently enormous, and most excitingly, we're going to have a microwave so I can have soup again for lunch. Happy days indeed!!

So because of this, we're working from a make-do office on Monday (as a result, I'm taking in lemon and blueberry cake, and we're talking of going out for lunch), I'm working from home on Tuesday, and we're not allowed in to work until 10:30am on Wednesday. Then I have Thursday off, and all of a sudden it'll be Friday. I can see the week racing by, and that can't be a bad thing!

But that's not what you're here for, is it? This week, happiness is...

From here. Though our autumn doesn't quite look like that yet!
... it finally being September. It feels like fresh starts and new beginnings all over the place. And I for one am loving the chill in the mornings- it's lovely.

... the feeling of really clean teeth. I don't know about you, but I absolutely love brushing my teeth. After showering, I don't feel properly clean until I've brushed my teeth- which generally results in me being one of those weird people who brushes their teeth before breakfast. And at uni, I'd brush my teeth (and shower, actually) out of boredom. There's just something about that feeling that I absolutely adore.

Oh, to have their legs! From here
... not having to squeeze into my jeans, which two months ago were a bit tight. Isn't that the best feeling? Certainly gave me a confidence boost yesterday morning!

... seeing all of my siblings in one weekend. I have two half sisters and two full brothers, and we're all scattered across the south and west of the UK. I think the last time we were all in one place at one time was my dad's wedding three years ago, so seeing them all in one weekend (though admittedly not all at the same time) feels so lovely, and like a real achievement!

... getting a bargain. I saw Rachel Allen's Easy Meals on sale in town yesterday, reduced to £9.99 from £25. When I got to the till, the girl was as surprised as me to find that it had been reduced further, to £4.99. I was so pleased- now even if I only use it twice, I won't feel guilty!

What's making you happy this week?


  1. I LOVE the chill in the mornings :) Woohoo for Autumn.

  2. These are all awesome things to be happy about! Particularly Autumn and surprise bargains! My happiness this week is a visit from my best friend who lives far too far away from me!

    Lauren x

  3. Pleased it's september :) mega fresh start needed for me which hopefully will come with moving to uni in two weeks :D

  4. I could absolutely not eat breakfast without having brushed my teeth, they always make me feel disgusting in the morning, and i can't do anything until I've brushed them. I'm a strange girl i guess haha.

  5. I'm so excited it's September, Autumn is my favourite season!!



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