Thursday, 22 August 2013


It feels like ages since I've written a wishlist. Though actually, now I'm thinking about it, I'm not convinced I actually have written one? Do feel free to correct me if I'm wrong...

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I desperately want an Emma Bridgewater mug with my name on it. All of the prints the half pint mugs (which are the only mugs I'll drink out of at home- you, my friend, are reading the blog of a complete and utter mug snob) come in are adorable but I think one is my favourite. Though of course mine would say "Alice", not "Anna"...

Red coatbeige coatgrey coat
I actually need a new winter coat this year. Well, strictly speaking I don't- I do have a (ahem, four) perfectly functional ones, but I will be buying a new coat in the coming weeks. My current favourite is the red- but how amazing would it be to have a coat like the grey one, which is basically a dressing gown you can wear outside!?

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 I absolutely love beautiful bedding. There's nothing better than fresh sheets, is there? And fresh, beautiful sheets, like these, are just the absolute bees knees.

Mulberry wallet

...and Bayswater

Two Mulberry products? Oh come on, it's a wishlist! If I had my way, I'd have both of these- they're just so beautiful and classic, and I'm sure I could talk myself into one or the other had I not paid for my car insurance on my last pay packet. Give me a bit of time though...
Zara boots

Again, I actually need some new black boots, and these could just be the pair for me. They're just so cute, and the perfect heel height for me- I'm not into super high heels for work or play, so just a little boost is quite sufficient, thank you.

Is there anything in particular on your wishlist at the moment?  Life's got a bit exciting and busy this week, so I'm hoping that this will inspire me all over again- I'm aware I've been a bit slack recently, so my apologies for this. Mind block is not fun people!!


  1. I definitely looked at the mug like I'm sure your name's not Anna?? Haha, whoops!!
    Oh I am in love with the Mulberry purse and bag! Mulberry would ALWAYS feature on my wish list but I can't justify it haha :(
    I have my eye on a coat from Mango! Fingers crossed I get it :p
    Keep in touch sweetie! It's a pleasure following :)
    Andrea xxx

  2. I've already put the grey coat on my wishlist, I've never had a coat with a hood before (yes, I'm an idiot) and I think this would be perfect for me :)

  3. I love all of these, that mug is lovely and might have to hop into the shopping basket! Love that red coat too, there is one quite similar in the M&S A/W range that I've been swooning over! Love the dressing gown coat too, makes me feel all excited for comfy outerwear when it gets a bit chillier! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  4. love love lovvvveee that bedspread - floral is always the way to go to inject a bit of life into a room!!!
    I think you should just buy all the coats, I am a coat lover too, and in my opinion you can never have too many :)
    Heather x
    Pumpkins and Puddings

  5. i absolutely love that grey coat (scary that it's already time to be looking into buying coats! when did that happen?) adore the bedsheets too! x


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