Saturday, 24 August 2013


London, you have once again completely stolen my heart. I may only have been in the Big Smoke for a grand total of 7 hours, but it was brilliant to soak up some big city atmosphere.

I heard on Tuesday that I had an interview in London on Friday. Cue massive panic stations and a £73 return journey, but I was going regardless. I'm obviously not going to say who the interview was with, but this was the crazy ridiculous thing I was talking about on Twitter the other day.
We've had some cracking sunrises recently. This was yesterday's- as always, the picture does it no justice.

If you've never got the train between Exeter and Newton Abbott, it's a must. You go along the sea, and it's my favourite journey in the world ever.
I decided to play safe and book a train that arrived in London a whole three hours before my interview- because let's face it, we've all had a National Rail-based disaster before, right? 
(Mine was when I nearly missed a plane to meet my now-ex's family for the first time- he had to make them keep check in open for me, and there wasn't even 40 minutes between me getting off the train and literally being in the air. Stressful doesn't even begin to cover it.)

I have a large amount of love for the flower man at Paddington Station...
 For once, the train ran completely to time (I think it's a first), so I slowly made my way around to Victoria where I changed and applied my make up before going and chilling in Green Park to do my last minute bits of interview prep- where I also spent a lot of time panicking and reading Rachael's brilliant post on interview technique. Seriously, I like interviews normally, but for some reason this one really stressed me out.

I was visibly shaking when I rocked up to the interview, so two security guys in the reception decided to try to calm me down by making jokes with me- which worked pretty well, actually. I only had to stop once in the interview to apologise for speaking quickly and my shaking voice. As much as I enjoy interviews normally, this one felt really high stakes- but I think it went well.

After the interview,  I played the tourist outside Buckingham Palace and I wandered up to Hyde Park Corner to meet my beautiful uni friend L, who's loving life and living in London. We meandered up to the cafe on the lake in Hyde Park and caught up on all the gossip we've missed since we last saw each other in February, and it was SO good. Sadly all too soon I had to dash back to Padders, where I learnt that if you don't have your ticket/ Oyster card ready when you get to the barrier at 5:45pm on a Friday, you we pretty much facing a lynch mob. Thank god it wasn't me that did it. 

I also had chance to grab a burrito the size of my face at Barburrito- which I'd seriously recommend if you have a bit of time before your train and you're starving. Get the steak one- you will NOT regret it.

Getting home at 11pm after leaving at 6:55am was a  bit of a killer, but I loved it. Sitting on the train home I got this mad rush of happiness at having spent a day in London. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that it was £73 well spent.


  1. Oooo I really hope it went well and I can't wait to hear about it!!x

  2. a lovely documentation of a spontanous trip! Hope you get the job, best of luck! x

  3. Glad the blog post was useful :) fingers crossed tightly crossed xx

  4. I wondered what your tweet had been about - now we know!
    Good luck sweetie - keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Xxx

  5. My fingers are tightly crossed for you! If you get it.... we'll go for pizza! :-) xx

  6. Sounds like you'd really like making London your home base! Good luck, A (but really, do you need luck?!).

  7. Good luck Alice, I'm sure you nailed it. And I guess moving to London means you get to do that awesome bit of train journey more often! Along by Dawlish is the best bit I think!
    M x


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