Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I couldn't think of anything to write about today, so instead thought I'd share a picture of a beautiful sky from a sunrise earlier in the year.

Did you know that every year on the 12th August, we have the most beautiful night of shooting stars? Every year I plan to stay up and watch, but the only year I remember doing this was the summer between year 10 and year 11, when a friend had a house party. A boy and I lay out under the stars and watched them fly across the sky, not sure if it was really happening or if we'd both had a bit too much punch. In my case, it was probably the latter. I woke up with a black eye, which I still have no idea how I got.

When I was little and I couldn't sleep, I'd get out of bed and go and look out of the window and watch the stars and the moon and just think the thoughts that only trouble an eight-year-old. And even now, I love lying back and looking for shapes in the clouds. Apparently, I'm pretty good at it- I always see things that no one else can picture. 

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There's just something about it. Whether it's at stormy clouds, or bright blue skies, or a sunset, I like looking up. It makes me feel small, and I like that. 


  1. Wow I'm gutted I didn't know about that last night, would have tried to look! There's nothing nicer than looking at the sky sometimes xx

  2. The light pollution is too much where I am, bummer! I love the sky too, one of my first career choices when I was small was astronaut xxx


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