Sunday, 11 August 2013

Saturday Scenes

Yesterday was one of those Saturdays that seemed both incredibly lazy, and really busy. I'm not quite sure how it could be both, but it was.

I started off by running around the Burrator- it was so beautiful that after I finished sprinting across this dam at the end, I had to stop and take a few pictures.

When I got home, I refuelled with some porridge made with almond milk, with seeds and walnuts stirred through, a little drizzle of honey, and a chopped nectarine. Amazing. 

My grandparents have been staying this weekend, and I promised I'd take my grandma into Tavistock on Saturday, as Mama CupandSaucer had to work. We spent a few hours pottering around the market, running errands, and just enjoying the business. (Well, she enjoyed it. I got annoyed at all of the tourists who kept stopping in the middle of the street)

When we got home, I spent a few hours painting my nails, working on some stuff on my laptop and watching Friends. Proper Saturday afternoon fare.

In the evening, my mum, grandparents, brother, his girlfriend and I all went out for supper. I ate so much that I don't think I'll ever be hungry again. I couldn't even eat half of the apple crumble I ordered- which isn't surprising really, given that it was the size of my hand.

How was your Saturday?


  1. My Saturday was manic as I arrived home from holiday (which involved a ferry, a bus, a taxi and a plane). So today I hope to spend the day relaxing to recover from the nightmare journey. Also, I want to say thank you for your lovely comment on my blogpost about dissertations a while ago, I couldn't reply due to lack of internet.

    And lastly, I'm not a huge porridge lover, but yours with the nectarine looks delicious!

  2. On this side of the great old pond, I, too, watched some Friends. I was just telling a friend that Lisa Kudrow turned 50 recently. (Wha?!)

  3. Hi there! Just found your blog and I have to say that your photos are beautiful. Looks like you had a fantastic Saturday and I'm a tiny bit jealous of your amazing painting job.

    Samantha x

  4. This sounds like such a relaxing and full day! I love time with grandparents and that market looks amazing!

  5. Oh, your photos of Burrator are lovely! I'm training for a half and have a 9mile planned for the weekend I'm back in Plym, might have to make it up to Burrator!
    Where did you go for your pub dinner, looks yum!
    So jealous of your Saturday afternoon, looked lovely and chilled.


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