Thursday, 15 August 2013

Review: The Timekeeper

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After finally finishing A Feast For Crows, I decided to take a little Game of Thrones break. There's only so much war, murder, and quasi-medievalism that I can take in one go, you know?

When I was on holiday, we nipped into a 7Eleven for M&Ms on our way back to the hotel from supper one night.  As I waited for M to pay, I noticed a little display of books in English. I went to have a look- and The Timekeeper caught my eye. Because I'd already bought a book that day I didn't pick it up, but I made a note of the title and decided I'd try to get hold of it back at home.

So when I was scrabbling around for something to read, I grabbed my Kindle and hastily bought The Timekeeper. And I'm so pleased I did.

The Timekeeper is by Mitch Albom, who wrote The Five People You Meet In Heaven (which I've read), and Tuesdays With Morrie (which I haven't). From what I can gather, Mitch Albom likes trying to get people to think a bit about their life when reading one of his books- about the impact we have on others, what we're doing, and so on, and I definitely think this comes through in The Timekeeper, though I will admit that it did get a bit It's A Wonderful Life at times.

The three main characters are Sarah Lemon, Victor Delamonte and Dor. It's a story about time, and how wanting too much, or wishing we had less isn't necessarily a good thing. I don't want to go into any more detail than that because as I've mentioned before- I hate spoilers. But I'd certainly recommend this- it did get me thinking a bit, and the story flowed incredibly well- yesterday, I was so engrossed at the end that I didn't notice the cute boy who approached me in Waitrose last Friday coming over to say hello while I was reading on my lunchbreak. Oops.

My only negative is that I'm not convinced that the characters were very well developed, which is probably because the book is actually just a little short to really allow for this. I did relate to Sarah- I think we probably all can remember being seventeen... yeah...- but I didn't really warm to Victor or understand where he was coming from. But perhaps if I was an older man, I'd understand Victor and not Sarah- who knows.

 I'm pretty pleased that I didn't buy it on holiday actually, as I think I'd have read it in about a day- but I certainly would recommend this- it's a good, easy read and slots in nicely amongst other things, and does make you think.


  1. ooh definitely have to try this one. it sounds intriguing. i might buy it for my kindle for my holiday in september. :)

    Carry x

  2. That sounds good, definitely going to check this out. I'm the same as you - have read his first but not his second. I like the sound of the plot though and the quote in your picture is lovely xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. nice review ammmm going to have to find a copy! Lovely blog (: xxoxoxo


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