Saturday, 10 August 2013


... I've been hopelessly reaching out of this girl.... No? Too early for McFly? OK then...

Recently, I've been...

... making lemon drizzle cake. And because the Hummingbird Bakery recipe is very strange, I had a lot of leftover batter so made 10 cupcakes to take to work with me on Friday. Which I left on the kitchen table when I ran out of the door at 7:08am yesterday. Whoops.

... enjoying lots of Betsy time. She's the cutest!

... wearing blazers. I've recently bought these two blazers and I love them. I can definitely see myself buying more very soon. 

... watching The O.C. Can you believe it came out ten years ago!? I was only 13! It's amazing to watch it all back. And now, as then, I wish I looked like Marissa Cooper. And had her wardrobe. Sigh.

... buying running clothes. I bought running trousers and running socks last weekend. They make me feel a bit more like a pro, and the socks mean my blisters aren't as bad.

... reading The Timekeeper, by Mitch Albom, and I'm absolutely loving it so far. It's really nice to take a break from the Game of Thrones books- I've started to get a bit stuck with them (I just finished A Feast For Crows, if you're wondering)

... thinking about the future. Where I want to be, what I want to do for a living. It's pretty tricky- all I know is that working behind a desk for the rest of my life might just kill me. Suggestions on the back of a postcard (or in the comments section) if you do anything interesting, with people, not behind a desk. GO.

... eating an awful lot of fresh fruit. It's amazing.

... planning another little trip with Mama CupandSaucer. I need to get the time off work and then we are outta here. Somewhere sunny and not too long haul at the end of September?


  1. I read The Timekeeper and really enjoyed it! It's so different from the norm, which makes a nice change :) And I think lemon drizzle cakes are slightly cursed; I made lemon drizzle cupcakes for somebody leaving at work. Burnt a lot of them, divided them into those salvaged for work and those for at home. Ed later ate from the wrong batch so I only had 7 to take into work. I just went empty handed with an "I did make you cupcakes...." excuse at the ready!

    - Tabitha x

  2. whos out of this world....believe meeee

    LOving the lazers, cant believe theyre primark!xo


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