Thursday, 8 August 2013

On Running

I came to a very strange realisation recently.

I have no idea why my shoes are glowing in this picture...
Somehow, from out of the blue in the middle of nowhere (nice bit of metaphor mixing for your Thursday morning...!), I realised that I actually really like running.

Seriously. I like running.

Where I ran last week...

I had to reiterate this because in school, I hated it. I detested running with the white hot heat of 10,000 suns. To be told that P.E. that day would be cross country was akin to being given a punishment I had in no way, shape, or form earned. And I hated it. I plodded along, always the last one back in primary school, and in the latter half in secondary- being lapped by the pretty, popular girls who played rugby for the county, or ran for the South West. I hated it.

But when I started uni, and a few of my new housemates started talking about running, I thought ""Going for a run with these people will give us something to bond over". So I went. And nearly died after about five minutes because despite being slim, I was horribly unfit. So I started to run alone, because my Halls were next to the beautiful Bute Park in Cardiff, and it was a lovely thing to do (and the others kindly told me that I was slowing them down). 

Views from last night's run.

Since then, I've run on and off. And currently, I'm on a massive "ON", and I'm absolutely loving it. I love how it makes me feel- like I can literally do anything, because I ran 5km faster than I ever have before. I love how I don't have to care what I look like. I love looking hard core when it's raining and I'm still running. I love grinning knowingly at another runner. I love running where I live and having the Dartmoor ponies cheering me on.  I love getting exercise and feeling proud of what my body is doing. I love feeling like I'm achieving something, even if that's just running around in a circle a little bit more quickly than last time.

We like where I live. It makes for pretty runs.
Because when you think about it, that's all running is- moving quickly in a circle for exercise. And isn't that just the weirdest concept? Who even started doing it for fun? I do know, however, that the guy who ran the first marathon ran between Athens and Marathon (26 miles away) to warn the other city of an approaching army, then ran back, and was promptly killed for having missed the battle. 

I think I enjoy running so much more now because it isn't competitive. I'm a terribly competitive person- but I like that this I can just do for me. I'm not the best at it. I know I'm not even close to being the best at it. And that's incredibly liberating to someone who panics if she isn't first at something. I was overtaken by a super-fit looking woman last night on my run- and I didn't care at all. She looked like she deserved to outrun me. 

I've actually started to look forward to my twice-weekly runs, and I'm probably going to increase this pretty soon. Also, because (ahem, stop reading now family members) I'm single and not getting any other sort of exercise (...), it's a bloody good way to work off stress.

So yeah. I still don't really think of myself as a real runner, and I have far too much Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Carly Rae Jepson on my running playlist to maintain any illusions of cool-ness, but I love doing it, and I'm going to keep going. Hopefully, by the time the weather really turns, I'll be committed enough to it that I won't quit. And I'll hopefully keep improving. But we'll see.

Also, I love that my running socks have an L and an R on them. Part of me wishes that all socks had this.


  1. Hoorah for running!! I love running too and knowing each run I am getting a tiny bit better, a bit quicker, can go for a bit longer. Although sometimes it's a struggle to get out the door, there's nothing better than feeling hard core after a windy rainy run.

  2. i'm glad you posted this blog because i was feeling guilty about my lack of exercise this week. i've been trying to go on 3 miles walks twice a week (and either a hike or a trip somewhere involving exploring at the weekend) and swimming once a week. This week i've only walked about 1.5miles so far. i woke up this morning and convinced myself i didn't need to go swimming tonight.

    but this blog made me feel guilty so i'm still not going to go swimming but i'm going to go for a 3 mile walk. (i'm ditching swimming because it means washing my hair and i'm running out of shampoo at the moment - i might buy some on my walk!)

    so thank you. and keep it up. i'm hoping to work my way up to running with my walking. i walk fairly fast (i can normally walk a 15 minute mile easily) and used to run but i just haven't even tried running for over a year a now. i have an app on my phone but i'm just paranoid i'll look a fool having to stop and start every 30 seconds. haha.

    Carry x

  3. I actually quite like running too! Although I'm quite stiff & sore today from last night's run! I always forget about the L & R on my running socks & end up putting them on the wrong feet!!

  4. I love the quirkiness of your socks. I've been battling with the idea of going running for ages. I joined a gym at the start of the year (one of my many resolutions ha), and I went for a while, and eventually started getting to grips with the treadmill but it just seems so much more different to run outside. Plus, where I live I don't have any nice paths to take and would probably end up running into everyone I knew while looking sweaty and unfit ha!

  5. I never thought I'd be a runner, but after a few weeks running I managed my first ever 10k, and it felt amazing! Now I love running and really hope I'll stick with it xx

  6. I really love running, but I've had to give it up as an old ankle injury just won't allow it :( I've taken up cycling instead though, so it's not all bad! xo

  7. I want to start running, I need to get some good running shoes and then i'll be off!x

  8. I would really like to love running, I love the idea of just pulling on some trainers and opening the front door to run outside.
    But I never seem to have the motivation, unfortunately I'm easily swayed by rain clouds or even some tidying I could do, and I always have the excuse of doing some coursework for my degree!

    Me and the other half have started doing the Couch to 5k programme though, we can each give each other motivation and encouragement - we're only on week 2 at the moment but each little step is a help. x

  9. Beautiful photographs! I've just nominated you for a Liebster Award: xxx


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