Monday, 12 August 2013

Happiness Is... (vol.28)

Hello Monday- you've come around quickly, haven't you?

I'm not terribly worried about this to be honest- I'm trying to be more positive about Mondays, thinking of them as a fresh start and all that. Which is a nice thought on a Sunday evening (when I tend to write these posts), but I'm thinking when I actually publish it on Monday morning, I'll be feeling a little different.

But anyways. This week, happiness is...

... my grandma. My grandparents were visiting this weekend, and as annoyed as I get with them, they are brilliant really. On Saturday night, we went out for supper, and the waiter told my grandma that he'd have to check whether the steak she wanted was still available. As he left she loudly said "Oh, so it's like that, is it?!"- we all knew she was joking, but I'm not sure that the poor waiter did. It was hilarious.

... tea in bed. Because really, is there anything better?

... dancing it out. I've been feeling pretty stressed pretty frequently really- I both do and don't know why- and nothing makes me feel better than getting myself into the kitchen, making something, and dancing around like a crazy person until I feel better. Hall and Oates' You Make My Dreams Come True is a current favourite.

... being asked to bake. I feel so flattered and so proud of myself whenever someone asks me to make something for them. Today, we're having a tea party for a lady I work with who recently got engaged, and I've made 24 cupcakes for the do. I'm pretty proud of how they turned out, and was just so thrilled to have been asked. Oh how I'd love to do this full time!!

... the smell of coffee. Yes, I'm very much a tea fiend, but sometimes a really fragrant cup of coffee is just absolute perfection. (Even if that makes me feel terribly unpatriotic).

Picture courtesy of my rather lovely and talented cousin, Al
... seeings lots of bees and butterflies. It's made me realise how few I've seen over the past few years- they're everywhere!

Also, HELLO if you've made your way here from yesterday's #lbloggers chat- wasn't it a good'un? 

What's making you happy this week? 


  1. I love these posts! It sounds like you've had a lovely week and how nice is it to be asked to bake something?! Shows that they think you're good, and oh my goodness, the cupcakes look delicious! xxx

  2. Your nan sounds awesome! I got the giggles again yesterday remembering my Mum in the lift at Gunwharf Quays. There were 4 of us + buggy squeezed in, and a girl hanging about outside the lift on the phone turned and said "don't wait for me!"....just as the doors closed (but not quite), Mum said, fairly audibly, "we weren't worried about you anyway, darling". It was so out of character, we were all just in shock. Now everytime we go in a lift with Mum we get the sniggers!

    - Tabitha x

  3. Oh my good lord! Those cupcakes look absolutely delicious! That icing is ridiculously perfect!! I love my kooky grandparents! (who talk to elevators) Gotta love them while ya got them right.

    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

  4. I've seen lots of bees and butterflies too. It's made me want to visit a butterfly house! Did you ever go when you were younger?

  5. Very tasty looking cupcakes!
    And the #lbloggers chat - it was my first one last night and I really enjoyed it, there was a really good atmosphere and I seem to have hundreds of links to check out! :-) x

  6. mmm those cupcakes are making me peckish!

    I recently started my own lifestyle blog, please check it out on...

    Thanks x

  7. The only thing better than tea in bed is having some biscuits to go with it! Your cake photo has made my mouth water, that one photo contains my whole idea of heaven! x Hayley-Eszti


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