Friday, 23 August 2013

"Confidence, Cohen!"

Or, you know, insert my actual surname above. You get the gist. I've been rewatching The OC, and I'm quoting from it- you'll forgive me.

I've been feeling seriously under confident in my own skin recently. A few choice remarks from various people, combined with a fairly bloaty tummy and a holiday with a girl who has the.most.incredible.body.ever kind of left me with my body confidence through the floor.

While we were away, M and I spoke a lot about body confidence, actually. And one of my favourite things we talked about was what our favourite parts of our own body were. And I couldn't think of anything about my body that I'm proud of. Now, we've all seen me in a bikini (above), and I'll be the first to admit that there isn't really anything wrong with my body- I just couldn't think of anything that I really love about it. 

So instead, I got M to tell me what she envied about my body. Which now I write it down seems a weird thing to do, but it's amazing. I was there thinking that she had the best stomach, and there she was telling me how she thought I have great legs and a brilliant bum- which are two things I would never ever have said were good about myself. It made me look at my body in a totally different way.

Now, I'm on a bit of an up. I've actually decided to come off the Pill, too- which has made me feel so much better in so many ways so quickly, and I'm suddenly liking how my body looks way more- whether that's because it's changed since then, or if I'm just feeling more positive, I don't know. And I'm starting to see things that I like- like the curve of my waist, or the fact that my bum actually does look pretty good in my black skinny jeans.

What I'm trying to say is- what you don't think looks good might be something that your friend would love to have. And, as Joanna Goddard suggested in this post, looking at yourself from a friend's perspective is a good way of making yourself feel pretty awesome.

Happy Friday everyone! Go forth and feel amazing. I'm jealous of something about every single one of your figures.


  1. I really like this, Alice! I think we all have a hard time picking things out about ourselves that we like - and having someone else tell us what they like can really help!
    <3 Kiersten

  2. Good for you, and you DO have a lovely figure, very envious of those lovely pins! Sounds like a good exercise to do with a friend, we are so self-critical of ourselves and it's good to see things from another perspective. That's interesting what you said about the Pill, have been thinking of doing that for ages but not quite taken the step yet for quite a few reasons! You've made me think about it again! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. You should feel good about yourself - I'd kill for a figure like yours! One of my friends has the most stunning figure and is just generally gorgeous, but she tells me a lot that she's jealous of my legs. Friends are the best for making you feel good about yourself! xx

  4. Awesome post and good for you! You look absolutely amazing x

  5. I'm so pleased that you have written about this. I think people forget that there is not only one type of look that is beautiful. There is literally something stunning about everyone in my opinion. If only people saw themselves how others do! You, for a start, needn't ever feel down - you look wonderful!! It upsets me that society these days is so concerned with image. People spend too much time talking about what they dislike about themselves and rarely mention anything positive about themselves or what they actually like. It has almost become socially inappropriate to compliment your own body and there is a feeling instilled young people that they need to find something wrong with themselves. I recently overheard a group of young teenage girls (can't have been older than 13) having a conversation on the train - they were talking about their bodies and the youngest of the group said "I'm really skinny", to which the other two said "You can't go around saying things like that. That's a compliment to yourself". I mean what is that all about?

  6. This is a great post, it's so true that if we saw ourselves the way other people see us then we would have far more body confidence! Have you watched the Dove Beauty Sketches? It's where they get a sketch artist to draw people based on their own description of themselves and then from the description of another person... here:

    I have never been able to pick out a part of my body that I love and definitely go through major ups and downs with my body confidence but I think now that I'm getting older I'm more accepting of what I have and try to make the best of it rather than just wishing for a completely different body type.

    Also, you have an amazing figure and should definitely be proud of it! x

  7. Aww this is such a nice post! I think it's super important to remind ourselves, that first of all there isn't anything wrong with most bodies, and second of all, other people are likely to not see our imperfections to the same degree that we do! It's interesting that you said you went off the pill, because I'm just so so sure that it impacts on our moods hugely... keep us updated how you get on :)

  8. Bleugh, I hated being on the pill, made me feel so weird and boaty. Bet it was just in my head. Also, Alice, never question your figure! It is stunning. Your tummy is so flat and toned and lovely. Don't change and stay beautiful!

    Em xx


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