Tuesday, 6 August 2013


 Have I mentioned before just how much I love breakfast? I find lunch stressful, and supper can be hit or miss. But breakfast and I are really very good friends.

Breakfast in bed? Yes please! From here

I get so excited about my breakfasts that I take pictures of it on a regular basis. And I'm normally so excited that the pictures are of terrible quality- hence the pictures in this post. Sorry.

Porridge with bananas and peanut butter
 I don't understand why some people don't eat a proper breakfast, or eat breakfast at all. My brother, for instance, eats those strange breakfast biscuit things every morning, and I genuinely can't get my head around it. Why would you not eat cereal, or eggs, or even a bacon sandwich for goodness sake!?

Breakfast is my happy time. In the week, I get twenty minutes to just sit, eat something tasty , come around to the idea of another day at work, and just have a little bit of me time. And if anyone interrupts me during this time, I'm generally not vastly happy about it. Apparently, my Nanna was the same- she used to say that she needed a cigarette (I don't relate to that bit!), tea, and toast before everyone else was up to feel human.

Porridge with almonds, walnuts, blueberries and peach. From my Instagram
And breakfast is pretty damn good for you too. Apparently, breakfast eaters tend to be slimmer, generally healthier, more energized in the morning, and more likely to get their five-a-day than people who don't eat breakfast. I know that if I don't eat something before I go to work, I'd be munching on biscuits by 9:30 and certainly wouldn't get my five-a-day- generally speaking, I have two or three portions with breakfast alone.

And I just generally like breakfast foods- I could probably be quite happy eating jentacular (meaning "pertaining to breakfast, dontcha know) food all day. I mean, I love pancakes and croissants as much as the next girl, but you're probably more likely to find me eating branflakes and fruit, or porridge and fruit, with a little portion of almonds and/or walnuts on the side, or if I've got the time, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, peppers, and basil on seedy toast.

At the moment, I'm eating an awful lot of porridge (which you'll know if you follow me on Instagram- I post pictures a lot. Sorry). I could quite happily eat it literally every day, and I'm a little bit tempted to make a Pinterest board dedicated to the stuff. Generally speaking, I make mine with a mixture of skimmed milk and water, and top it with seeds, fresh fruit, and nuts to add some extra protein. Current favourites include banana and peanut butter, and blueberry and peach, and blackberries with stewed apple. Bonus points for adding cinnamon and vanilla (as seen bellow).

So yeah. I'm a breakfast fan. So much so that I've managed to string out an entire blog post on the subject. Yeesh. And on the topic of food, here are two amazing food blogs I found at the weekend. I can't remember how I got to them, but if it was you, thanks!! They're awesome- you have to check out both Top With Cinnamon and Oh, Ladycakes if you haven't already.

Are you a breakfast eater? Give me some inspiration ladies!


  1. Oh you and I are so similar. My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. I eat a massive breakfast every day! And I love sitting for twenty minutes not doing much at all other than eating, thinking, sometimes flicking through a magazine. Although you will to convert me to porridge. I just can't cope with it. Think it's the texture.

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  2. I never take enough time to enjoy breakfast, I shove cornflakes down my throat if I've got time in the morning, if not it is a breakfast bar or something crap! I do love a brunch though. Big on brunch. Do you want to become my breakfast chef? xxx

  3. i love breakfast too. it's just i don't always have time to enjoy it. i think you might love this site then http://simplybreakfast.blogspot.com/
    i read it religiously

  4. When I'm feeling naughty I love banana and nutella on seeded toast. I've heard it's not actually that bad for you. Wish I had more time to make porridge like you, it all looks delicious!
    Heather x

  5. As I read this, I'm eating oatmeal with sliced plum on top and my coffee. :) Great minds think alike!

  6. Your breakfasts all look wonderful. I love the idea of porridge with peanut butter and bananas. Must try it! :)

  7. I am not a morning person and I don't have an appetite for breakfast so i tend to skip it (which i know is reeeaaally bad!) but i make up on a healthy salad for lunch (i love salad). I really should make myself enjoy breakfast more, such an important meal x

  8. Lol I'm a breakfast fan too! Maybe not as healthy as you but I love breakfast foods any time of the day!! It's def my fav!! Maybe I should try a healthier approach to it though xx

  9. Ahhh, I'm drooling at those photos! I was never much of a breakfast person... I'm just too disorganised and I was always running ragged late out the door each morning. But I'm determined to change my ways! This morning I tucked into overnight oats made with almond milk, honey, peanut butter, blackcurrants and strawberries. Delish! I wasn't very hungry by lunch either, so I think I'm a convert! xx


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