Friday, 9 August 2013

A Kinda-Sorta Paella

In the sunshine, I like sunshiney food.

I like sunshiney food when the weather is awful too, but come on- who wants to be eating cottage pie when the sun is shining and the weather is sweet?

For some reason though, I seem to keep thinking that the weather has turned- this week I've worn a blazer, opaque tights, and black jeans (not all on the same day), and then I get really surprised when my legs feel like they're about to catch on fire when I sit outside on my lunchbreak. 

Making sunshine-filled food is, in my head, a way of reminding myself that it actually is Summer, because after five years of not having a summer, I seem to have forgotten that such a thing actually exists. So I made this for Mama CupandSaucer and myself in the week because it's quick, easy, and full of happy colours.

I'm calling this a Kinda-Sorta Paella because a Spanish person would probably kill me if I tried to claim that this was an actual paella. But it works for us, so there you go. This recipe serves about 3 people- somehow, I have a rather special talent of being able to cook the perfect amount for three. It looks like a lot of ingredients, but it's mostly storecupboard stuff. (Or it is in my house...)

You will need...
A mug, a kettle, a big skillet-y type thing (or paella/ risotto pan), a wooden spoon.

Half an onion (I used red because this is what I had- but white is fine), diced
Two cloves of garlic, finely sliced/ crushed
Smoked paprika
100g chorizo, chopped into pieces
1 chicken breast, chopped into pieces
A mugful of risotto rice
A chicken stock cube
Boiled water
A red pepper, diced
A mugful of frozen peas
A good handful of cherry tomatoes, halved
A couple of handfuls of frozen prawns 
Coriander (optional)

Begin by gently frying your onion and garlic until it starts to soften. Then a good shake of turmeric and paprika (sorry, I just guess- 1/2-1 tsp of each, if you want to be precise?!), and your chorizo and chicken breast. Sautee until your chicken starts to cook and everything is coloured by the spices. Season with pepper, and a little salt if you want, remembering that stock and chorizo tend to be pretty salty.
Add a mugful of risotto rice and stir well to combine over the heat. Crumble in your stock cube, and now start adding boiled water bit by bit, stirring after each addition and waiting until it's almost all been absorbed before adding the next bit. Keep doing this, tasting the rice to see if it's cooked, until the rice seems like it's nearly done.
At this point, add your red pepper, frozen peas, and cherry tomatoes and stir well to combine. Let it all cook together for a little while. When it's literally a minute from being ready, add your prawns, and cook them enough to defrost/ heat through (otherwise they shrivel up) and add any more seasoning you think it needs. I also add fresh coriander at this point- only if I have it on hand- because I just like adding fresh herbs to things.
Serve in big bowls, and pretend you're on the Costa del Cornwall.


  1. Wow that looks tasty, I definitely think I'm going to try it!

  2. this looks so delicious, I've always wanted to make paella. xx

  3. Yum! I'm the same as you and just shake in the spices. Looks super nice xxx

  4. Yum! I love Paella, especially ones with seafood in it x

  5. yum!

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