Thursday, 4 July 2013

"So, what do you do in your spare time?"

Has anyone else been asked this at an interview? 

Seriously, out of all the possible interview questions, this one puts the fear of god in me. I'm good at interviews (as cocky as that sounds- I actually enjoy them in a weird sort of way), but this question leaves me cold.

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Given that I am not in the sort of field which relates to social media, if I were to have an interview next week (which I don't, given that I wasn't even shortlisted for an internal vacancy which I had all the relevant experience for- cross, me? No....) I would actively choose not to mention my blog- mostly because my ramblings probably aren't always that professional.

So what the hell should we say?

I always tell people that I play the piano (though I haven't had lessons in about 5 years), and do kung fu. Have I mentioned that before? Again, I haven't actually been to my old class regularly in about 4 years, but I still tell people that I do it- particularly when they're annoying me, or when they tell me I look wimpy. 

For example, a few weeks ago I was in a one-on-one meeting with my boss, and in typical Alice fashion I elbowed the wall. And in even more typical Alice fashion, I apologised for it (why do I do this?!) and my boss went "Oh don't worry, you probably wouldn't do anything to it, even though it's only plasterboard. You're quite dainty". I was rather affronted by this and indignantly told him "HEY, I used to do kung fu!" and pretended to punch him in the face (which probably isn't that appropriate, now I think about it). Thank God I didn't actually punch him in the face.

Should we do sports? I tell people that I run and swim too, but only really do those when I'm feeling particularly energetic and the weather is nice.

And then, I bake... A lot. And people like cake. So maybe we'll just go with that. And of course I love to read. But then that just seems a bit... 1950s housewife? "Oh I enjoy reading, cooking, and cleaning." No thank you.

But seriously. What do you actually do in your spare time? Can anyone recommend any sports that a very uncoordinated (but enthusiastic!) person might like?

As you may know, I arrive back on UK soil tomorrow (boo!) so posting should be back to normal next week. Stay tuned for lots of travel photos!


  1. I get asked lots now that I'm a stay home mum what I like to do in my spare time too... and IF I have spare time that is indeed spare, I like to.... bake, sleep, do my nails, sleep, sew, sleep and definitely do not clean! I guess I sound 1950's housewife too, but I'm not cleaning in heels, the house is rarely in ship-shape condition when my husband gets home, and the baby is never in bed when he arrives, I want them to spend time together each day!! Safe travels home!

  2. Hi Alice - I'm known as Miranda at work because I am such a klutz! I found a dance based class called Sha'Bam that I think is now available at a lot of gyms...its really fun and everyone looks a bit of an idiot, but you just go for it anyway. I've been doing it for 2 months now and love it!

  3. I punched my old boss in the face! I was demonstrating a stage punch and he forgot to move out the way :P

  4. Can't go wrong with baking, baking makes everyone happier!

  5. Baking is a big one I like to do, I also play online games, read, crochet, sew, and just generally mong out in front of the tv


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