Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Seco Lounge

I'm still on a mission to beat the post-holiday blues.

When I arrived back at work yesterday, I was asked "So Al, were you looking forward to being back?", to which I rather diplomatically responded "Well, I have to admit that I was far more excited about going on holiday...".

And it's true. My first day back at work wasn't anywhere near as much fun as my first day on holiday. And once reality has properly smacked you in the face (because lets be honest, a sunny weekend completed with a Brit winning the Men's Singles at Wimbledon didn't feel like reality, did it?), the post holiday blues can pretty speedily creep in. Fortunately, my friend from university, A, has recently moved to Plymouth, and last night I met him and his girlfriend J for supper as part of my mission to stay on the up.

After a very small amount of debate, we decided to go to Seco Lounge, down at the Royal William Yard. As I've mentioned before, I love the Royal William Yard, and Seco Lounge is one of my favourite places there- it's cool, kind of quirky, and does awesome food and (I'm told) amazing cocktails.

We sat outside to soak up some more of the sun- because who wants to eat inside when they weather is this good, and the views are this gorgeous?!

Here, you can pick three tapas dishes for £8.50, and a lovely pot of ciabatta is included in the price. Personally, I'm a huge fan of tapas, mezes, and other "picky" food so it was a no brainer for me- though I have previously had a pretty cracking burger here. Last night, I went for the Pork and Thyme Meatballs in Spicy Tomato Sauce, Chorizo in Red Wine and Garlic, and Halloumi, Courgettes and Peppers with Rose Harissa Dressing. A & J also went for the tapas, and out of their selections, A's choice of Honey Glazed Shredded 5-Spice Pork was absolutely incredible.

Unfortunately, we weren't massively inspired by the pudding selection, so we nipped next door to Prezzo for cheesecake and tiramisu. But overall I would seriously recommend Seco Lounge, or any of the other Lounges- great food and always a cracking atmosphere.

How was your Monday?


  1. That cheesecake looks amazing! Great way to ease yourself back into reality!
    Heather x

  2. I thought it may be a photo of a ham and cheese sandwich to properly portray the diversity of your week, but this looks incredible. Not too shabby to come back to Miss Alice xx

  3. omg the weather! i wish i was in england right now :)
    post-holiday blues is a bitch!

  4. Those views are amazing and the cheesecake looks yummy! I'm a big tapas fan too, I would love there to be a tapas restaurant up here. Beautiful photos! x

  5. HOLIDAY PICTURES ALICE!! Although Plymouth looks nice too, at least Britain didn't do its normal post holiday treat of bucketing down with rain as you touch down and exit the plane. We are having a HEATWAVE, didn't you know?!

    Em x


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